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Are You Using Netsuite Efficiently?

Your choice of business software can impact whether your business will grow or stay as it is. Oracle NetSuite is a single service provider that offers both software and services. From implementation to optimization and continual support, Oracle NetSuite will help you with your small business accounting needs.

NetSuite leads the world when it comes to cloud-based business management software. They offer a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software as well as Customer Relationship Management, and Financials.

  • The Lead to Order to Cash feature is designed to provide an uninterrupted flow from the lead/opportunity to the sales order and the front office. This continues through revenue recognition, invoicing, and payment in the back office.

  • Procure to Pay allows you to manage order entries, approvals, and vendor payments. NetSuite’s end-to-end procurement monitoring protects the whole process for you.

  • NetSuite’s E-Commerce features allow you to monitor all of your customers and internal expenses in one space. You can monitor checkout, shopping, and website management.

NetSuite is a comprehensive platform that can have a steep learning curve. Our team of small business CPAs is available to help you better understand the features that this powerful platform offers.

Outstanding General Ledger Accounting

Oracle NetSuite’s general ledger app offers everything other brands have for less money. Users report that Oracle NetSuite is more in-depth and performs better than similar CRMs. As an ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite has outshone the competition. A significant benefit that comes from using Oracle NetSuite as part of your small business accounting is that it works as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Being a Saas means that what you are using is always the latest version of NetSuite. Oracle makes sure that you have the latest updates every time you use their platform. Any issues are continuously addressed, creating a safe environment for your small business bookkeeping.

Designed With Ergonomics In Mind

Oracle NetSuite is incredibly easy to use both for experts and beginners. Upon opening the system, the first thing that will greet you is the dashboard. On the top of the screen, you will see a ribbon bar that lays out some of the common functions, including customers, vendors, payroll, HR, financials, etc. Everything you need for small business bookkeeping is available in one place.

Clicking on the overview will direct you to a dashboard that has the most often requested information about the function category you are using. For example, if you click the financial drop-down menu, you will see choices like inventory, reports, banking, and lists. Selecting one of these will give way to yet another dashboard with information about your current request. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the features that Oracle NetSuite offers. Our small business financial advisers are always available to help you understand your financial metrics and help you make critical financial decisions to increase your probability of success.

Using An Integrated CRM

CRM features are sprinkled throughout Oracle NetSuite. All of the major points that would affect your business, including contact and lead management, up-sales, cross-sales, marketing, and e-commerce, are built in this powerful application. Its ERP system includes almost every possible business process that a small to medium enterprise might need. Because of the amount of information presented by Oracle NetSuite, it is easy for a person to overlook essential features or not use the product efficiently. At Fusion CPA, our small business CPAs will work with you to help you better understand Oracle NetSuite. We also offer small businesses like yours with CFO advisory as well as small business financial advisers.


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