Does Summer Camp Qualify As Child Care?

The Child & Dependent Care Credit will pay parents up to 35% of qualifying child care expenses of $3,000 for one child or up to $6,000 for two children. This can be a nice way to defray the costs of summer camp, according to Fusion CPA's Atlanta tax specialists. The primary goal is to provide tax breaks for parents who pay for childcare. If the summer camp provided child care, while the parent was working, then it might qualify for the Child & Dependent Care Credit tax break. It is important to note that the credit is based on the taxpayer's earned income. This Child & Dependent Care Credit reduces the amount of federal income taxes that are due. The good news is that this could increase your tax refund.

Who Can Qualify?

According to our CPAs there are several qualifications for the Child & Dependent Care Credit. The spouses (when married filing jointly) must have earned income for the tax year, in question. The parent must be the primary caretaker of the child. If married filing jointly, your status must be single, head of household, qualifying widow or widower. The child must be under the age of 13 to qualify for the summer camp tax deduction. Or the child must be mentally or physically disabled and incapable of caring for himself. The summer camp owner cannot be your spouse. Overnight summer camps don't qualify. Our Atlanta accountants are readily available to help you take advantage of credits for your child or dependent’s summer camp expenses.


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