Does the idea of being able to manage every aspect of your practice from your browser tab sound like a game-changing prospect? Many lawyers and firms have already moved into cloud-based practice management. Let's highlight one of the platforms making it easy to make the upgrade. Amicus Online is a comprehensive, tidy platform that interlaces bookkeeping for law firms with legal practice management software.

Combining Practice Management and Accounting for Law Firms

One of the worst strategic mistakes a law firm can make is to set aside accounting and tax planning for the law firm for later. Financial advisors for law firms will tell you that it's far wiser to integrate your financial and tax planning into your daily processes using a build-as-you-go method. This means that the management system you're using is actively organizing and recording daily activity to be useful for your budgeting needs. This requires legal practice management software with sharp data management and automation. Many law firms are finding that Amicus Online offers a user-friendly environment for automating and organizing all of the aspects of running a firm.

What Does Amicus Online Do?

Amicus Online offers cloud-based management for every facet of running a practice. What's more, the program excels at turning every action and task into a piece of insight-rich data that can be used for both immediate needs and long-term goals. Here's the list of functions:

  • Calendaring
  • Email integration
  • Matter management
  • Document management
  • Time tracking
  • Billing
  • Mobile access

Amicus Online is suitable and effective for any law practice. It is widely used among firms that practice family law, criminal defense, real estate law, civil litigation, immigration, injury law, and estate planning.

Big Integration Potential

Integration is a feature that puts Amicus Online Software on the radars of so many firms looking for an upgraded way to handle bookkeeping for law firms. The big one worth mentioning is real-time synchronization with QuickBooks Online. Your trust transactions, bills, bill adjustments, payments, and retainers will all update simultaneously. This means the end of duplicate entries.

Amicus also integrates masterfully with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Updates that you add will display in both your calendar and inbox. Additional integrations are available with Dropbox, Box, and APX.

Better Scheduling Than Ever

Amicus Online offers comprehensive legal scheduling that allows you to manage tasks, deadlines, and appointments seamlessly. Events can be exclusive or shared throughout a firm. Users are always notified when changes are made to a calendar.

Discover What an Accountant for Law Firms Says About Amicus Online

Amicus is simply a great asset if you're looking for practice management software that helps builds tax planning for law firms into your daily task flow. If you're looking for services from a CFO advisory for law firms, we at Fusion CPA are here to assist with your next software upgrade. Bringing our experienced accountants for law firms and financial-tech experts can accelerate your revenue growth and minimize errors as we help you build a plan for managing your practice better. Our services for CFO advisory for law firms are here for firms of all sizes and practice areas. We are here to help you make educated decisions while you explore Amicus Online for your firm. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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