Airbnb Directed Share Program Tax Planning

Airbnb Directed Share Programs

Airbnb offers Superhosts a chance to buy the stock of the IPO at the true listing price of $68 through a “Directed Share Program ” via Morgan Stanley.

This means with proper tax planning, Airbnb Superhost entrepreneurs can enjoy stock gains! This is a very unique offering by Airbnb and they are only making this offer available at this price to Superhosts. Many of our clients that are Superhosts have been asking us about potential tax effects of buying the stock at this listing price and then selling it in a month, 6 months or 12 months thereafter.

The major difference between rental income earned as a Superhost is that it is typically classified as Ordinary Income and taxed at the normal marginal tax rates. Whereas income earned in stock transactions are classified as capital transactions taxed at either marginal tax rates or much lower capital gains tax rates.

Participating in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) entails some specific steps we can help you with.

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