Advertising agency accounting and tax planning are essential for driving advertising agencies forward and meeting stakeholder expectations. Whether it’s recording subscription revenue, preparing job cost estimates, reconciling payroll or reviewing accounts payable and receivable, advertising accounting takes substantial skills to perform accurately. To help with the process of streamlining your business needs, agencies turn to Advantage. The Advantage is a software system catered to those who work in the advertising/marketing industry. The software automates aspects of accounting, billing, media planning, and client relationship management, making this software a useful tool for your agency.

Advantage Accounting Services

There are countless numbers of software systems dedicated to streamlining business processes on the market. With so many options at your disposal, it is imperative that you pick the software that aligns best with your company. Advantage is a software firm that has the flexibility to scale any size of business. For advertising agencies looking to improve their workflow, Advantage allows users to easily automate accounting and finance processes. The client budget application allows owners to create budget variations to help predict revenue and resources required to generate revenue. Advantage’s accounting software also lets users process payables and receivables through its large, easy-to-use applications.

CFO Advisory Services

For advertising agencies that have an established accounting function without high-level accounting expertise, CFO advisory services are beneficial. CFO level skills include, but are not limited to, enterprise strategic planning, technical accounting, and operational design. When advertising agencies need help paving the financial path forward our team of advertising firm financial advisers is readily available to help. We also advise on capital structure and legal entity selection, giving clients the best information available to make sound business decisions.

Tax Planning & Preparation

There are few accounting functions as important as tax planning and preparation. Our expert advertising firm accountants prepare tax returns, whether it be federal or state-related and organize documents according to industry best practices. We are also able to help clients select tax positions that meet legislative requirements while minimizing the tax liability for the business. With the help of Advantage, our advertising agency accountants can work with internal accounting professionals to prepare the reports, documents, and policies needed to pay taxes as efficiently as possible.

For additional information on the services our expert advertising agency accountants provide, please contact us today. We have the experience, professionals and industry experience to deliver results in advertising financial functions. Get operational support or CFO advisory services to grow.


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