Acumatica is a project accounting software that helps technology firms streamline their bookkeeping and tax planning. The software is an all-in-one system for your accounts receivable, general ledger, purchase orders, sales orders, and more.

A Scalable Solution For Technology Firm Accounting

Acumatica makes it possible for a technology firm CPA to track multiple projects of different scopes and types. It also works with both small and large projects from internal and external customers. Furthermore, the software is designed to work with various currencies, making it suitable for multinational companies. You can also access the system through various platforms, such as your mobile phone or computer browser, making it accessible and easy to use. It also allows for easy and convenient data entry and easy access to all the information you need.

Acumatica is a flexible bookkeeping platform for technology firms. It can easily be configured to match the workflow of your company. Your confidential accounting information is also protected thanks to its permission assignment functionality. Its straightforward interfaces make approving expenses, running reports, and tracking time as easy as clicking a button. With Acumatiac, You will spend less time trying to learn the software, leaving you more time to manage and supervise your technology firm.

Project Cost Tracking Makes Technology Firm Tax Planning Easier

One of the biggest challenges you will face when it comes to your technology firm tax planning is having up-to-date information on project costs. You need to know what projects are completed, what projects are in process, and what expenses are associated with each project.

Acumatica simplifies this process by providing you with actual project costs, estimates, and scope changes in real-time. Filters allow you to exclude or include:

  • Different Project Costs

  • Non-Stock Items

  • Inventory Items

  • Subcontracted Services

  • Employee Time

  • Raw Materials

The platform also lets you track future revenues as your projects progress. You can also create and manage complicated pricing module. The platform comes with revenue recognition rules, which are automatically reflected in your general ledger journal entries.

Confidently Manage All Billing Scenarios

As technology firm financial advisers, we have seen a number of our clients look for a technology firm bookkeeping solution that allows them to handle advanced billing scenarios confidently. Acumatica does this by allowing you to factor in scenarios such as:

  • Milestone Billing

  • Contract Specific Pricing

  • Fixed Pricing

  • Cost Plus

  • Time and Materials

You can also make adjustments to your billing rates based on adjustable factors like:

  • Type of Work

  • Specific Project

  • Customer

  • Employee

This means that you are ready to bill clients according to the contract you have with them. Acumatica offers maximum flexibility. For example, the platform can adjust to agreements that stipulate a fixed-price set in advance or a cost-plus project, where the entire cost of the project is not known until all fees are incurred. Our team of experienced technology firm CFO advisers provides technology firm accounting and financial advisory services designed to help clients grow their business. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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