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Advancing Marketing Firm Accounting: Agile CRM & Quickbooks Online

Agile CRM is a software designed with innovative features created explicitly for marketing firms. These features allow a marketing firm CPA to provide financial metrics for your sales and marketing teams to help your business get to the next level.

The Benefits Of Using Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a fantastic CRM tool for the different teams of your business, such as your marketing, sales, and accounting team. It allows automation, which increases user efficiency and accuracy. Being able to manage your customers more efficiently will enable you to make better deals and create more revenue for your business.

Marketing firm tax planning is made easier with this software by allowing you to keep track of sales via a drag-and-drop interface. This functionality is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Agile CRM also lets you assign tasks, keep track of tasks, and then track the progress of each job as it develops. This can be useful when doing job order costing for your projects.

You can use the software to schedule your resources, personnel, and activities. The online calendar functionality makes organizing payroll, tax payments, and paying vendors easier. You can set deadlines and follow-up to make sure everything goes as planned or make adjustments as needed.

Agile CRM allows you to share information across teams, giving your marketing firm CPA the access they need to get the job done. Every team member, regardless of the department, can have access to view and update information on a contacts page. This means that they will have all of your customer’s historical data at their fingertips.

Every interaction that your staff has with your contacts is tracked and updated in real-time. Everyone can maintain the data, producing a clean and accurate database to work with when interacting with customers.

Agile CRM & QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration

By integrating Agile CRM with QuickBooks Online, you get a powerful tool that lets you do everything, from creating invoices to marketing firm bookkeeping. The software will also enable you to create detailed invoices that you can send to your contacts. This feature can be done through the QuickBooks widget in Agile CRM. With it, you can also view invoices and itemized details on context pages. It is that straightforward and simple.

One of the biggest challenges marketing firm CPAs face is tracking payments. QuickBooks Online and Agile CRM integration make it easy for your marketing firm accountant to manage payments directly. You can track payments and send reminders to your customers. Afterward, once payments are received, the payment details are automatically updated on the contact page of the customer.

Marketing firm bookkeeping revolves around having a clear view of your company’s accounting history. You can keep tabs on the past invoices of your customers, review payment histories, and look at itemized details that are connected to your contact pages in Agile CRM. Agile CRM makes your marketing firm bookkeeping easy by helping you familiarize with your customers and then scale your business appropriately.

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