ADP is known for being the leading provider of cloud payroll solutions and accounting software, serving well over 600,000 businesses around the world. Their focus is on streamlining the payroll process to make it easier when payday rolls around the corner. Alongside its time-accounting capabilities, it provides businesses with the opportunity to stay in compliance with both local and federal tax reporting regulations.

Designed for Businesses of All Sizes

This is great for multi-location retail businesses who work with outsourced accountants, as it provides them with the opportunity to take on accounting software specific to the size of their business. Our knowledgable CPAs understand that a client’s business can evolve quickly which is why they embrace custom-tailored plans.

If you need something simpler, you can choose a basic plan. For a complete solution for enterprises, they have the resources, employees, and tools needed to get the job done. It's great to see a company that understands the essence of suiting their services for different sizes of businesses.

Ensuring You Stay Aligned with Tax Laws

Instead of making you responsible for all tax liabilities that arise from improper accounting, ADP takes on full responsibility. Not only will it withhold the needed taxes from the paychecks of employees, but it will also fill out the necessary forms. What used to pose as a huge risk to companies is now able to be automated and guarantee to keep you in compliance.

If you want an automated solution to cut down on the resources needed to handle payroll in-house, ADP can be an ideal solution. You have professionals that will be working on your side. Combine that with the advanced level of accounting automation it provides, and you have a solid win.

Ability to Enhance Your HR Department

Not many platforms provide you with everything you need to make your human resources department efficient. ADP has been in the business for quite some time, and they made sure they didn't overlook this critical business operation. Check out some of the ways they can streamline your HR department.

  • Creating employee manuals is even easier with templates.

  • Essential HR documents await you when you need them.

  • Job descriptions can be created within the control panel.

  • Know what the latest HR standards and procedures are.

  • Support from HR experts is just a click or phone call away.

As you can see, ADP went above and beyond to ensure they've met the HR needs for companies of all sizes. They'll even provide you with a demo to see how your HR department can take it to the next level easily by choosing ADP. The breadth of their coverage can only be seen, as words will only say so much.

ADP QuickBooks Integration

Many of these types of services don't integrate easily with QuickBooks. Whether it's too complex or it just wasn't thought about remains unsure. However, you can expect a leader in the industry to continue making advancements. Below are some of the features that they've integrated with QuickBooks.

  • Enhanced General Ledger Mapping

  • Provides your accountant with a rich set of reports.

  • Where cross-border payments used to be complex, they're easier.

Don't worry, ADP works hard to fill technology gaps seen with its customers. They've rolled out comprehensive training to ensure all the implementations can be embraced, and our seasoned CPAs are able to assist you with integrating ADP and QBO. Exactly what you need when you take on one of the most advanced accounting solutions in the industry.

Want to work with industry-leading multi-location retail accountants?

If you want to discuss what ADP can do for your business or you find yourself in need of some of the best accountants in the industry, Fusion CPA can make sure you're taken care of. We're able to develop a full retail accounting plan, assist with ADP and QBO integration, and oversee your taxes. Staying in compliance by working with us turns it into a completely hands-off approach.


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