Outsourced controllers have seen their role within an organization change in recent years. This is thanks in part to automated tools like Acumatica that allow an outsourced controller to spend more of their time on procedures and controls and less of their time looking for the missing five cents when doing bank reconciliation. The recent focus for accountants is helping everyone in the organization understand bookkeeping, tax planning, and the basics of accounting. Their role has morphed into more of a communications role where they need to deliver relevant information to the people who need it so they can make quick decisions in this fast-paced economy.

An Acumatica outsourced controller may take on the role of a financial adviser. While they are also maintaining system integrity, synchronize data stored in non-connected systems, and keep track of version control over several spreadsheets. An outsourced controller needs to know how to translate financial information in a way that everyone in the organization understands and that they can apply. Financial professionals find themselves educating, communicating, and automating as they attempt to contribute to their organization’s success.

Using Acumatica to Automate Processes

Acumatica automates many finance-related chores that free outsourced controllers up to spend more time on education and communication. For example, Acumatica can reconcile monthly based statements and can keep track of and reconcile transactions every single day.

Acumatica makes use of artificial intelligence by offering invoice scanning entry tools. The original can be stored electronically for future reference. Acumatica allows for faster approval of invoices and can help automate workflows. Acumatica allows for the creation of pivot tables within the application. This allows managerial and financial reporting data to be produced in a timely and controlled way.

Fusion CPA is a CFO business advisory firm that offers outsourced controllers well-versed in Acumatica to businesses in our area. We can show your team how cloud ERPs like Acumatica can help simplify your tax planning and bookkeeping.

How Outsourced Controllers Are Using Acumatica to Educate the Firms They Work With

Outsourced controllers are familiar with the language of finance. However, many of the people they interact with do not have this same familiarity. Acumatica can put relative financial information at the fingertips of everyone within a firm in a controlled and structured way.

Outsourced controllers can use the sample cash flow statements produced in Acumatica to walk the people in the firm they work with through some basic principles of finance. Acumatica can create visible measures both lagging and leading to help people in the organization understand what financial factors are driving business results. Acumatica can also educate a sales team on how to use CRM and accounting information to better monitor their customers’ balances and build stronger relationships.

Working with a Financial Adviser Puts Your Needs First

At Fusion CPA, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailored outsourced CFO business advisory services. Our business advisory services offer you an outside analysis of your company’s finances. We apply our expertise to project consulting, contract negotiation, and creating detailed financial reports for your firm.

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