Acquisitions process in Savannah, Georgia

Acquisitions Process for an Accounting Firm in Savannah, Georgia

Do you want to learn more about the acquisitions process of an accounting or tax practice in Savannah, Georgia? There are many reasons why it's a prime time to explore options for selling or merging an accounting firm. The realities of today's economic climate mean that remaining competitive in a crowded market like the one in Savannah simply may not be in your best interests. Pain points like working 80 hours per week, struggling to retain talent when other firms can offer more, and dealing with high client churn are all factors you may want to consider as you explore your options.

What firm owners need to know before selling

It's important to step back to take an objective look at your firm to decide if you're ready to begin making preparations to sell or merge. Firm size is one of the biggest factors that will determine firm value and marketability. First, it's important to know that a smaller firm isn't necessarily an undesirable firm. Larger accounting practices and firms looking to absorb smaller companies see a benefit in being able to take over a small, steady client base. Larger firms also have appeal to some firms looking to increase their market shares in a region.

It's simply essential to know that the route to closing a deal may look drastically different depending on the size of the firm you'd like to sell. Size can even impact what the post-closing parameters for payouts might look like. The retention rate of your client roster may actually impact how your company's value is tallied.

Fusion CPA is actively looking to merge with or acquire an accounting firm in Atlanta, Georgia

It may be time to try to benefit from the accounting or tax firm you've built without the need to be the one in charge of retaining employees or acquiring new clients. Fusion CPA is in the process of seeking a firm interested in mergers or acquisitions in Georgia. We offer a streamlined, effective acquisitions process that gives our clients transparency throughout the life cycle of evaluating, creating, and closing a deal.

What is Fusion CPA looking for in firms that we acquire? Our firm is interested in both broad and niche service providers. Our wide scope of accounting services combined with a reputation for integrating tech and finance allows us to have the flexibility that few other firms have when entering deals. As a leader in accounting, bookkeeping, CPA, and CFO services, Fusion CPA understands how to look at a deal holistically.

We utilize a three-part process for prepping and executing a deal.

Here's a look at our mergers or acquisitions process:

  • Phase 1: We evaluate all of the financial and practical aspects of your firm.
  • Phase 2: Then we conduct a multifaceted valuation to help to determine an appropriate asking price.
  • Phase 3: Our team will facilitate a sale or merger that covers all aspects of the transition.

When you work with Fusion, decisions are never rushed. Our team is focused on working with you to properly identify the strengths and values of your firm to ensure that the brand you've built will retain market relevancy. In fact, our commitment to working with new partners on sales and mergers means that you may benefit from reaching out to us even if you're not focused on an immediate timeline for moving to the next stage.

Would you like to have a conversation about the possibility of selling or merging your accounting or tax practice in Savannah, Georgia? Click on the button below to find out more about the acquisitions process.


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