Whether you are offering services as a family dentist or in helping children with their oral care, your practice probably keeps you extremely busy. Managing dental technicians, working with dental product suppliers, and tending to the needs of your patients, can be a full-time job. Not to mention, you're likely getting help from a digital marketing company and spending time monitoring your website analytics. However, it doesn't stop there; another aspect of your business where it's essential to monitor and track items regularly is your dental practice accounting. The financial health of your business may be intertwined with each patient you see and the expenses required to get them in the chair and treat them. Making sure your dental practice bookkeeping is being kept accurately could be the missing aspect in any strategies to improve your stability or grow revenue.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping Process

Having a detailed dental practice bookkeeping ledger may allow you to analyze how your practice stands financially. Getting assistance may be extremely helpful in streamlining this process. Our dental practice accountants advise hiring an experienced dental practice CPA to help ensure receipts from patients and insurance companies are kept timely and accurately, and payroll transactions for your dental hygienists are up to date. Placing your financial records in the hands of an experienced dental practice accountant separates this important process from your office and may save you time as well. Using financial records to create a plan for your taxes is also an advantageous way to utilize your bookkeeping ledger and one of the reasons why it should be accurate.

Strategizing Your Dental Practice Tax Planning Process

Keeping your dental practice compliant with the IRS and paying the appropriate amount of taxes without overpaying requires you to follow strict guidelines and have a solid dental practice tax planning strategy. Getting assistance with this from a knowledgeable dental practice accountant here at Fusion CPA should make this process more efficient and help save you money. Our CPAs are proficient in utilizing the correct deductions and depreciation figures that are tied to dental offices and other expenses. Partnering with a dental practice CPA may also provide you with an accurate estimate of your tax liabilities. Our accountants are ready to assist with this by examining your bookkeeping ledger and suggesting a long-term tax planning strategy.

Managing Growth Efficiently

Managing the growth and profitability of your dental practice will be more straightforward if you are consistently monitoring cash flow and expenses. To help you with these functions, our experienced dental practice CFO business advisers offer insight from an unbiased financial expert to monitor and analyze your financial reports and highlight any opportunities or areas where you might be able to cut costs. For this reason, getting help from a seasoned professional may be a vital tool in your arsenal. Our dental practice financial advisers can also assist with contract negotiations or determining the price you're charging for implants, dentures, or cleaning. Our mission is to help ensure you meet your goals and implement winning strategies. We understand that receiving a precise interpretation of your financials can be highly valuable when you're taking action, whether your goals involve upgrading x-ray machines, negotiating dental hygienist salaries, or buying dental equipment. Our team is available and ready to help. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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