The AbacusLaw software has provided our Atlanta law firm bookkeepers with a real-time expense management solution. Over 250,000 lawyers utilizes the AbacusLaw software, and It has more than 3 decades of experience in the legal case management software industry.

Real-Time Legal Expense Management

Traditional expense report management creates separate employee-controlled records. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for the senior attorney partners to get a solid analysis of the firm's expenses. Our Atlanta law firm CPAs use AbacusLaw Software to view important trends across our clients’ entire law practice. The important dates and expenses are listed in detail. Armed with this data, our accountants have helped our legal clients develop long-term budgeting plans. The AbacusLaw software easily syncs corporate credit cards and employee banking accounts within the software. This syncing allows employees to take pictures of receipts on their smartphones and input them into the system. The software then instantly matches receipts with the corporate credit card transactions. Our law firm CPAs can view credit card activity even before expense reports were written, filed or approved. This gave us another dimension of understanding concerning our clients' attorneys' expenses. This could also be utilized to double-check and verify the accuracy of submitted expense reports.

Effective Time Management

We have found that the AbacusLaw software is a comprehensive legal solution with case management, time tracking, billing, rules-based calendaring, forms generation and mobile access. Our Atlanta law firm accountants can create more advanced reports due to the large number of filters available. This allows us to evaluate expenses in more detail and identify important trends for our legal practice clients. The AbacusLaw software fills in many of the fields automatically, which saves employees valuable time. The AbacusLaw application conveniently lists employee expense reports, categorizing them by status. This makes expense report writing and submission easier. When the law firm management team approves the expense report, the funds will be sent to the employee’s account at the end of the day, and no paper checks need to be cut with direct ACH deposit. AbacusLaw provides our CPAs with more financial management tools to improve expense report processing and reimbursement.

Expedited Billing

During busy days, attorneys might miss some billable hours. The powerful AbacusLaw software allows for the simple tracking of each client email, phone call and interaction. Law firm partners can click on the Remind tab in AbacusLaw to send a reminder to lawyers about their unreported expenses. The AbacusLaw software has direct QuickBooks online integration. Our law firm accountants can map your general ledger to the AbacusLaw software and auto-sync expenses in the background due to its direct QuickBooks online integration. It has been easy for our Atlanta law firm bookkeepers to set up custom expense fields, team fields and categories, by mapping them to our clients’ QuickBooks Online entries. Expense report approval will lead to immediate syncing to a law firms’ QuickBooks Online account. In fact, AbacusLaw software was voted the "#1 Law Practice Management Software" by Capterra. By utilizing the AbacusLaw platform our law firm clients can grow their practices and take control of their finances.


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