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A2X: QuickBooks Online Integration Accounting

Like most industries, accounting is being affected by technology in a positive way. Software is allowing specific processes to be completed quicker and more accurately, which helps save both time and money. This can easily be seen if your business is involved in the Amazon marketplace. When you utilize A2X, it takes your Amazon transactions, crunches the data and provides you with your gross revenue, expenses and other important transactions. In the past, this was a grueling task, but now, A2X creates a much faster way for our accountants to keep your books up to date and get your business ready for tax season.

A2X has plenty of options that will allow you to perform a multitude of tasks. You can summarize your Amazon sales in different ways such as by country, product type or just group them altogether. You can probably imagine how long this would take if you had to do it all by hand. This software provides a much faster way to get it done, and with the ability of using QuickBooks online integration accounting, you can easily transfer your data to your QuickBooks software account on the cloud so that our accountants can perform the internal accounting that's required in order to determine your current cash flow and health of your business.

Efficiently Reconcile Your Amazon Settlements

You can imagine how helpful this type of software can be for your e-commerce business if you are involved in multiple marketplaces. With the ability to automatically load your Amazon settlements and post them to your accounting system. A2X gives you the choice of automatically posting your Amazon transaction to QuickBooks Online, or it allows you to perform this task when it's most convenient for you. When that's done, it gives our accounting team the ability to easily reconcile your Amazon settlement payments that have been cleared by the financial institution you're using for your business.

E-Commerce Accounting Made Easier

With A2X you can quickly calculate your cost of goods sold or your FBA inventory valuation. The software calculates the cost of the inventory that's installed during a specific settlement period. It then allows our accountants to manage and match those costs to your sales by using QuickBooks Online. A2X will also import your inventory data from Amazon, which helps our integration accountants determine the valuation of your current inventory that's available to sell. Our bookkeeping, tax and advisory services can provide you with the expert guidance and assistance you need to sustain and even grow the success of your business.


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