Swiss Expat Entrepreneurs

International Expat Entrepreneur Accountants of Atlanta

Switzerland is known as the home of international monetary transactions. Swiss banking is sophisticated, historical and efficient. As a Swiss expat entrepreneur, you are probably keenly aware of how the financial health of your business is tied to its overall success. Being based in the Atlanta metro area, chances are that your business can touch on multiple states around Georgia. Thus, whether multinational or multi-state, having a competent, qualified and comprehensive CPA as your financial partner means greater opportunities for success. Fusion CPA that ideal partner when it comes to your bookkeeping, tax, and financial planning needs.


Maintaining your books goes well beyond just recording receipts and paying your business' bills. As a Swiss expat entrepreneur, you know how to conduct your operations for the goods, products or services that you offer to the public. Properly maintaining the books of your company is a key first step in understanding the daily operations of your business. Unless formally trained in the proper composition and calculation of financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and statement of owner’s equity, it can be a daunting task to build and maintain these documents. Knowing the cash flows in and out helps define the areas of success and areas needing refinement in order for your business to continue to be successful. Swiss expat entrepreneur bookkeeping are one of the basic areas where Fusion CPA can make a difference in your business.


Whether as part of an annual ritual or for tax purposes, audits can be rigorous, formal and a pain-staking process. Failure to follow the proper formalities and audit regulations can cause big problems down the line. These audit shortcomings can also translate into very expensive corrective measures, both from the standpoint of the business having to go back and correct them on the accounting side and severe consequences from the body or governmental agency requesting the audit. Many expat businesses not aware of a multinational or multi-county requirement can fall into this very expensive trap. Hence, this is another place where having a financial partner trained and experienced in this area can provide a steady and fluid experience with audits. With our Swiss expat entrepreneur accountants, Fusion CPA is that steady hand in this area, in addition to services for Swiss expat entrepreneur bookkeeping and taxes.

Financial Planning

In general, financial planning is a good thing. It allows you to evaluate historical performance and current trends in order to develop a road map for the future. Financial planning from an accounting standpoint looks at all of the areas already mentioned here (i.e., the bookkeeping, general accounting and auditing) and developing a comprehensive road map forward as a plan to enhance operations. With Fusion CPA as your financial partner, developing that plan for going forward becomes a comprehensive plan for the success of your business.

We offer the capable services of a full service accounting firm. Therefore, you can entrust Fusion CPA’s seasoned accountants to make sure that your business operates with a sound and sure financial footing. Multinational and/or multi-county, our Swiss expat entrepreneur CPAs offer a focus that is clear and sharp edged in providing the accounting services to help your business grow.