Strategies to Generate More Referrals for Your Business

Our digital referral program is designed to get your increase referrals and get you more customers

Think about some of the businesses or brands you’ve tried in the past year or the shows you’ve watched. How many of those were recommended to you by a friend?

Referrals are the best way to get long lasting customers. When we have a good experience as a customer, we want to share that so other people can have that same experience. And when a business or company is referred to us, we want to try that company because we trust the person who referred us to them.

You might believe that the only way to get good referrals for your business is to cross your fingers and hope your customer tells their friends. But a lot of businesses rely on referral based marketing in addition to great customer service.

“A referred brand is a preferred brand; and a preferred brand is a referred brand”

― Bernard Kelvin Clive

What is referral based marketing?

Referral based marketing is the practice of using recommendations and word of mouth to grow your business. A good referral generation strategy will increase the size of your customer base by encouraging your existing customers to refer you to their friends and family.

Referral based marketing can take many different shapes and forms. Some of the things you might see include:

  • Referral strategy marketing: the practice of having a specific strategy that will leave an impression and hopefully lead to referrals
  • Referral advertising: the practice of advertising a benefit for current clients when they refer friends or family
  • Social media referrals: having a social media strategy that generates more referrals or more social media followers
  • B2B referrals: making use of partnerships with other businesses to refer their clients or contacts to you in return for commission or discounted use of your services

Referral Strategy Marketing: Get more referrals by word of mouth

One of the best referral generation strategies for word of mouth marketing? Go with a big, bold strategy that will make people feel good about your business.

Referral strategy marketing involves coming up with a comprehensive plan to get people talking about your business. This goes beyond unique selling points, but will utilize anything that makes your business stand out by connecting it with the customer.

For example, if a new vegan restaurant opens in a downtown area, they want to attract customers asap. One of the ways they might get more referrals is by giving free or discounted lunches to the businesses the first day they open.

By letting people try their product before trying it themselves, they’re opening the door for return customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

Social Media and Online Advertising

In addition to great referral strategy marketing, many businesses are interested in digital referral businesses. They want to grow their reach online, get more online customers and keep google referrals rolling in.

Many businesses run referral advertising online in order to get more social media followers or spread the word about a new product. Social media referrals involve encouraging an existing following to share posts or tag friends in comments.

Many social media referral strategies are designed for a store that operates primarily online, but we’ve help all kinds of businesses to get referrals online. The key is to get to know your audience and their online behavior.

Google referrals is the specific way that Google tracks visitors on your website. Google referral traffic is Google’s way of tracking how many people came to your site from outside the search engine – either by clicking on the link in social media referrals or by being linked to the site directly.

The more Google picks up on people coming to your site from social media or direct links, the better it will be for your website. Google will rank your website higher on the search engine, making it easier for you to get search engine referrals.

There are plenty of answers to how to get referrals online, but it all comes back to having a strong website and a really great referral generation strategy.

Get more referrals by utilizing B2B

When you think of referral marketing, it’s normal to think about your customers. But many companies can benefit from a B2B referral program.

A B2B referral program rewards businesses for partnering with your business as well as recommending your business to other companies. For example, if one of your customers is a large business, then you can offer a B2B or partner referral program to get them a discount or commission for recommending your company to other businesses.

Outsourcing Your Referral Advertising

There are plenty of different ways to get more referrals, but a lot of them can seem complicated. It can oftentimes take a whole agency referral program or digital referral business to run a successful referral generation strategy.

One of the major benefits of outsourcing referral marketing is that it gives you the chance to focus on your business and let a separate referral business team do the necessary legwork.

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. That’s why Fusion CPA can help you find the perfect digital referral business or agency referral program to help kickstart a referral campaign. Reach out to us for quotes about referral programs today.

Fusion CPA is a certified public accounting firm specializing in business advisory and business process outsourcing services

We help our clients with outsourced digital marketing solutions, that include content creation, social media and referral marketing services,  designed to increase brand awareness across your specific business industry. 

Receive rewarding benefits of reduced costs, expenses, and time spent in-office while effectively increasing your brand’s online presence and overall sales.

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