Fusion impacts charities across the world

The Fusion CPA team set themselves a goal: not only to drive revenue and positively influence the finances of their clients, but also to make a difference where it is needed most. Through the company’s Fusion Day of Giving, the team were challenged to roll up their sleeves and get to work by making a difference to a range of charitable causes.

Our team is located across the world and this enabled us to reached organizations across 6 different countries, from the United States right through to Africa, Puerto Rico and beyond.

From spending time at an array of organizations, to donating in monetary form, the Fusion Day of Giving made a difference to the following charitable causes:

  • Community outreach reading programmes
  • Educational support for low income families
  • Sports mentoring 
  • Hurricane support and relief
  • Endangered species conservation
  • Animal rehabilitation
  • Care for orphans

Fusion’s Day of Giving 2022 supported 11 charitable causes across six different countries across the world.

A total of 35 hours was donated globally.


Fusion CPA Founder and CEO Trevor McCandles has always been very involved in the community around him and has a heart for those with challenging circumstances. Trevor established the Fusion Day of Giving to allow each member of the team the opportunity to make a direct impact to the cause that they are passionate about.

“It is easy to become consumed with the responsibilities tied to your own work and life, but when you take a second to step away from that, and be deliberate about doing good, it not only aids people who need it most, but also grants you the opportunity to realign with that which matters most”, says Trevor.

Just as McCandless planned, his team not only made a difference, but felt a difference too.