Sage Intacct: Real Estate Industry Accounting

As a real estate firm, you have to balance your time among several responsibilities continually. With your job being mostly about sales and managing relationships with clients, you don't have a lot of time to juggle the financial end of your real estate firm. Sadly, having a full-time team of real estate firm financial advisers sometimes isn't exactly realistic for growing companies like yours. For this reason, many successful real estate firms are using Sage Intacct as their trusted real estate firm accounting software. Sage Intacct provides various features that make it great for your real estate firm bookkeeping and tax planning.

Management Tools For Your Financial Needs

With Sage Intacct, it possible for you to manage existing information and future decisions simultaneously. Sage Intacct can show you what to do with valuable data you may not even know you have. The key features of Sage Intacct are its roster of management tools for core financials. With it, you're getting an all-in-one management system for both long-term and day-to-day financial transactions. Some of the aspects that Sage Intacct lets you manage includes:

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Cash management

  • General ledger

  • Order management

According to Sage Intacct's previous clients, working with the system has helped them boost their accounting-related productivity by as much as 40 percent. They attribute this to Sage's comprehensive and real-time management tools. Sage Intacct can complement our CFO advisory services to help you create better business processes and policies. Our team of real estate firm accountants is adept in using accounting programs like Sage Intacct to analyze the historical performance of your business to create future projections that we can use to formulate business plans.

Features Beyond Real Estate Accounting

Sage Intacct lets you access a set of advanced modules to perform fixed asset management, project accounting, time management, expense management, vendor payments, and more. One standout feature that makes Sage Intacct a very efficient software is its full integration with Salesforce. With the integration, Real estate professionals can streamline workflows and maintain seamless views of customer profiles. Also, the integration of Sage Intacct and Salesforce makes it easy to distribute and utilize information across an internal communication network.

Sage Intacct has many features that can drive productivity through your real estate firm bookkeeping and real estate firm tax planning. It automates some of your processes to reduce the need to perform tasks repetitively. These processes include billing, purchases, taxes, and more. Furthermore, you have the power to define data calls, complex conditions, and calculations. Here's a quick rundown of some of the other dynamic features that make it easy to get the data your when you need them:

  • Multiple workflow paths

  • Custom fields

  • Custom tabs

  • Smart rules

  • Smart links

  • Custom reports

  • Portals

  • Data maps

  • Template

  • Objects

  • Relationships between custom objects

Sage Intacct's dozens of features can give your real estate firm an edge over your competition. Having an intelligent, automated platform for accounting frees up your time to let you manage other more critical aspects of your real estate firm. Here at Fusion CPA, we work within many different real estate areas including real estate investors, brokers, agents, property management, raw land developers, HOAs, and industrial developers to give our businesses the best real estate bookkeeping and tax planning services. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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