Sage Intacct: Dental Practice Bookkeeping

As an owner of a dental practice, the substantial amount of money and expenses you handle requires continuous oversight. Hence, for your dental practice to succeed, you need an excellent dental practice accounting software. Fortunately, Sage Intacct was designed with dentists in mind. Sage Intacct is an accounting and financial management platform designed to help you improve your dental practice accounting. It helps make things like dental practice bookkeeping and tax planning easier while simultaneously giving you a clearer picture of the financial health of your practice.

High-Performing Dashboards and Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct’s popularity among dentist practices stems from its flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, the platform takes advantage of a solid cloud foundation, which allows you to share data across users easily. It also integrates with well known third-party programs such as Salesforce. Sage Intacct offers exceptional financial reports that give your practice everything necessary to carry out your annual financial needs. Sage Intacct can provide you with information you can use for your dental practice tax planning.

The platform allows you to accurately determine the financial status of your dental practice through its customizable reports, easy-to-understand dashboards, and clear data visualizations. With these features, you can be confident with your business decisions. Sage Intacct has an eight-dimensional General Ledger. It makes it possible for you to understand all of your dental practice’s financial metrics and budgets. You can also quickly generate reports to analyze your dental practice’s performance in real-time. All of this is done without the need for complicated account charts.

The general ledger options are ready to be used with minimal configurations. It can also adapt side-by-side with your business’s growth. Furthermore, you can easily add unique dimensions to reflect your business drivers. These features allow you to personalize the reports as you see fit.

Improving Agility While Saving Time

The financial success of your dental practice is dependent on the accuracy of your financial data and operational data. This data may include the number of square feet available in your dental office, the number of dental chairs that are available, and other granule measures that will impact the financial viability of your dental practice. Sage Intacct has been designed to help you view both financial and operational data in one place. The multidimensional visibility makes it easier for you to make strategic decisions that will positively impact your dental practice. It serves as a tool for safe collaboration. This makes it possible for your sales team, your finance team, and other dentists who work with you to cooperate in resolving operational and financial issues.

Our team of dental practice accountants understands the unique accounting and tax planning needs of your dental practice. With this knowledge, we could help you identify areas in your dental practice accounting that can be improved for you to maximize your revenue. Our dental practice CPAs are able to use Sage Intacct to help dentists like you tackle complex accounting issues in your business. We can also help you migrate from your existing financial system to Sage Intacct. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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