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We're QuickBooks Online accountants that love to streamline businesses. Find out how QBO's invoicing and other customized functions work for our clients.

QuickBooks Invoicing for Your SMB

Most of our clients have told our pro-advisors that they struggled to produce, monitor and enforce invoices in the past. After our QuickBooks Online accountants help them implement the software correctly, invoicing became a lot less complicated.

With one click QBO generates an email to the customer and they can click on the payment button in the email to pay directly online. Not only does this dramatically streamline the process, but since everything is done through QBO invoicing errors and omissions are virtually eliminated.

This software is perfect for:

  • SMBs who need basic invoice tracking
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Sending automatic invoices in batches or individually

QuickBooks Online is for you:

  • if you’re an SMB with basic accounting, payroll and financial management needs
  • if you’re already on top of your taxes

QuickBooks really is an SMB software and not suitable for:

  • rapid scaling
  • preparing for a merger or acquisition
  • handling hundreds of invoices per week
  • juggling more than three financial management platforms or apps

If your business is experiencing any of these factors, contact our QuickBooks Online Accountants to advise a more suitable solution! They have experience integrating accounting platforms with supporting apps for all-round business optimization.


As a financial advisor, I have referred clients to Fusion CPA / Trevor knowing they are working with a team that is competent, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. I love that they operate from a consultative approach taking the client’s whole business picture into account and not just focusing on a one-time tax return.

What QuickBooks Online Accountants Do

If you are a business owner you need your company’s accounting software to be efficient and intuitive. Besides streamlining QuickBooks invoicing, you need to look at generating QuickBooks reports to suit your needs, fine tune accounts receivable management and more.

The goal of our QuickBooks Online pro-advisers is to help our clients get clear vision into their current financial situation and empower them to plan for the future. Our team utilize this customizable platform to help clients stabilize their businesses.

We can help you set up your QuickBooks Online account, including integrating your business bank and credit card accounts. Our CPAs are also able to assist you with streamlining any QBO application integrations.

QuickBooks Online Accountants Answer Your FAQs

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How To Connect Your Business Accounts To QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

One of QuickBooks’ most efficient features is online banking integration, also known as “bank feeds”. This special feature can help save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to connect your bank, credit cards, and other financial accounts to your QuickBooks Online account hassle-free without any data entry required. 

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How to Record the Purchase of an Asset in QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Implementation Case Studies

We have experience integrating QuickBooks in all the industries we regularly serve, plus more niche markets

Improved Accuracy of Records

Dental Clinic, Atlanta, GA

As a dental clinic, our client had problems keeping accurate financial records and this caused significant problems. For example, some months the company wasn’t paying their dental hygienists or vendors on time. A secretary reached out to our QuickBooks accountants at Fusion CPA to help her avoid this embarrassment! She was simply overwhelmed with paperwork. Eventually, QuickBooks Online provided a convenient and fast way to record their business expenses and income. 

Furthermore, after we helped the company set up their QuickBooks account, they could import figures from their business account and edit these to go into specified categories. This made it easy to see the financial health of their practice.

Here are just a few ways QBO and our accountants offered assistance:

  • Reconciling their different business accounts helped save time
  • QuickBooks invoicing and reminders made collecting payments a whole lot easier
  • Paying staff became a breeze as QuickBooks Payroll has a specific category where you can keep track of this sizable monthly expense

Our client noted that QBO has made running a dental office much more relaxed and efficient than it was before. Working with QuickBooks keeps their financial records current so they are up-to-date and always prepared for opportunities.

Customized Reports

Videographer, Brooklyn, NY

As a videographer, our client needed to have customizable reports that could save him time and money. His business needs to offer job costing, so he also wanted a service that automated this as far as possible.

Our QuickBooks Online Accountant helped him set up a chart of accounts to integrate several different bank accounts to correspond with budget line numbers. This feature helps our client coordinate and track new projects as they are being developed.

Job Costing Features

The QuickBooks Job Costing Module made tax planning easier by streamlining the processes of issue estimates, purchase orders, and use of the standard expense accounts. Now our client can run production costs through QuickBooks job costing, which offers the functionality to set up items according to budget. What’s more, chart of accounts and inventory item management can run more efficiently within a QuickBooks implementation because multiple budgets can be tracked per company file. 

Our accountants recommend utilizing QBO for entering purchase orders before and after production, especially when there is a lot of data to be registered. When each payment is set up on a separate line of the purchase order, it helps our client and his accountant calculate the amounts of paid invoices versus the outstanding payments.

Increased Efficiencies

As our client needed assistance with vendor, crew, and location invoices, QuickBooks became a great asset to him. Furthermore, QuickBooks invoices can be managed in real-time. Now our client can print and post checks simultaneously.

Specialized videography Make Up Artist and Cosmetic Company QuickBooks Online accountants

Have more time to focus on your business, and waste less time focusing on the accuracy of your books


The team at Fusion CPA has the experience and specialized skills to offer a full array of financial services. That means when you need help growing your business — we’ve got your back. You can learn more about our services or schedule a complimentary discovery call today!