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Simplify Invoicing for your SMB

Most of our clients have told our pro-advisors that they struggled to produce, monitor and enforce invoices in the past. After our QuickBooks Online accountants help them implement the software correctly, invoicing became a lot less complicated.

QBO offers advanced application integrations that enable back-office functions to be more seamless.

This software is perfect for:

  • SMBs who need basic invoice tracking
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Sending automatic invoices in batches or individually

QuickBooks Online is for you:

  • if you’re an SMB with basic accounting, payroll and financial management needs
  • if you’re already on top of your taxes

QuickBooks really is an SMB software and not suitable for:

  • rapid scaling
  • preparing for a merger or acquisition
  • handling hundreds of invoices per week
  • juggling more than three financial management platforms or apps

If your business is experiencing any of these factors, contact our QuickBooks Online Accountants to advise a more suitable solution! They have experience integrating accounting platforms with supporting apps for all-round business optimization.

What QuickBooks Online Accountants Do

If you are a business owner you need your company’s accounting software to be efficient and intuitive. Utilizing QuickBooks Online allows you to streamline bookkeeping tasks like expense reporting, accounts receivable management, invoicing, etc. 

The goal of our team of accountants is to help our clients get clear vision into their current financial situation and empower them to plan for the future. Our team of QuickBooks Online pro-advisers utilize the QuickBooks Online platform as an integral to help clients stabilize their businesses.

We can help you set up your QuickBooks Online account, including integrating your business bank and credit card accounts. Our CPAs are also able to assist you with streamlining any QuickBooks Online application integrations.

QuickBooks Online Accountants Answer Your FAQs

How to Provide View-Only Access to Your Outsourced Accountant

For some banks and financial services providers, limiting your accountant’s access can be a tricky process. So, our team of experienced small business accountants have compiled a list of instructions for how you can provide money manager access to your accountant.

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How To Connect Your Business Accounts To QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

One of QuickBooks’ most efficient features is online banking integration, also known as “bank feeds”. This special feature can help save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to connect your bank, credit cards, and other financial accounts to your QuickBooks Online account hassle-free without any data entry required. 

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How to Record the Purchase of an Asset in QuickBooks Online

The way that you do your real estate investment firm bookkeeping either hinders or allows you to analyze your business’s financial health. This practical and intuitive accounting software makes things like recording the purchase of an asset, including property, buildings, and deposits easier.

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QuickBooks is Suitable for These Industries

Contact us to discuss streamlining your business with our QuickBooks Online accountants

Dental Clinics

Making sure you have accurate financial records will help you avoid having significant problems such as paying your dental hygienists or vendors. QuickBooks Online provides you with a convenient and efficient way to record your business expenses and income. 

You can either import figures from your business account or enter them manually into specified categories. This makes it easy to use the appropriate numbers for your dental practice tax planning strategy or to see the financial health of your dental practice. Technology has made running a dental office much more relaxed and efficient than it was just ten years ago. Utilizing the cloud and QuickBooks allows you to quickly see how much you’re spending on expenses like marketing, dental equipment, or payroll. You’re also able to collaborate with a dental business CPA to ensure your finances are expertly managed and to reduce your workload. By utilizing both the software and a dental business accounting specialist together, it can safeguard against making errors and costly mistakes with billing or paying a lease. Here are just a few of the categories where QuickBooks offers assistance:

– Reconciling your business accounts: Matching your expenses to business accounts is quick and easy

– Billing patients: Invoicing patients and sending reminders can help you keep track of receivables

– Paying dental hygienists: Payroll has a specific category where you can keep track of this sizable monthly expense

Working with QuickBooks can keep your financial records current so that you are always prepared for opportunities, whether that’s purchasing a discounted x-ray machine for your office or bringing aboard another dental hygienist.

Have An Easier Time Paying Taxes

As a service business, you’ve got to keep track of multiple receivables and pay income tax on your profits. This task can be complicated for a dental practice and requires you to make several financial decisions. Handling your tax liabilities with the assistance of a dental business CPA may be an attractive solution that you’ll want to consider when you’re working on your dental business tax planning. A dental business CPA specializes in this industry and understands the nuances involved in depreciating the dental equipment you use for patient care as well as abiding by the rules and regulations associated with your type of business. QuickBooks can play an essential role in this process, and it allows you to categorize your income and expenses into the appropriate areas, which makes filing your taxes more efficient and smoother.

Utilizing A Dental Business CFO Advisory Service

Implementing and keeping in line with your overall financial goals can help ensure that your dental practice stays on track. If you ever need assistance with this aspect of your business, developing financing strategies, or negotiating a contract, it can help to seek dental business CFO advisory services. The benefits of working with professionals are almost obvious, you get expert-level financial advice, and you can relax knowing your business decisions have been vetted by seasoned financial advisers.

Our trusted financial advisers and QuickBooks accountants are experts in helping with these types of vital functions. Having access to our dedicated dental business financial advisers can help protect your financials from running into problems or having to pay fees for errors made by inefficient dental practice bookkeeping. You’ll have an unbiased professional available who can answer questions and analyze comprehensive financial reports. This analysis and guidance can be highly conducive to ensuring success for your business and essential when you’re making big financial decisions. You can learn more about our services by contacting us today.

Dentrix and QuickBooks Integration

As powerful as Dentrix is, our team still use QuickBooks for some of our most important reports. Thankfully, Dentrix has supreme QuickBooks Online integration, which you can access through its Office Manager. This comprehensive solution helps with billing, collections and metrics functionality to complete your tasks. Dental practices are able to reconcile discrepancies in patient account balances using the advanced features of this dental software.


We can use QuickBooks Online and Eaglesoft integration to help complete our dental clients’ financial reports. Compiling all of our client’s financial information onto one screen was one of the primary benefits of using Eaglesoft software. We can provide in-depth financial services using the line item accounting, smart invoices and bulk payment features of the Eaglesoft dental software.

Carestream integration

Carestream is not just one tool to help you improve your bookkeeping; this is a comprehensive dental practice management system. To start, there is a daily overview portal that allows the dentists and dental assistants to view daily tasks on a single screen. This ensures that everyone working within a dental practice is on the same page. Carestream Dental’s office expert can be used to list daily tasks. Multiple dental practice employees can work on the same patient record due to the parallel workflows functionality.

Carestream Dental software not only has Quickbooks online integration but also allows for data transfer to Excel without a hitch.

Curve Dental

We can assist dentists in integrating QBO with Curve Dental. This software handles online payments and automated appointment reminders as well as Curve Image, which tackles native digital imaging that sends image files and data directly to the Cloud for storage. Curve Dental integration provides many specialties like allowing dental businesses to access their necessary accounting reports online.

Healthcare Practices

Medical office administrators are usually responsible for countless tasks essential to running a medical practice.  QuickBooks can help with tasks like vendor payment, payroll, year-end tax filing, customer billing, and cash flow management.

How QuickBooks may Help with Payroll

In some medical practices, handwritten timesheets, antiquated payroll software, and complex spreadsheets are used to keep track of payroll. While it may be possible for a health care CPA to accurately handle payroll using outdated systems, they can be unnecessarily time-consuming. QuickBooks makes payroll simpler and more streamlined by offering features that automatically entering time tracking, payroll expenses, and tax withholdings. When a healthcare accountant has access to all of their payroll information in a centralized place, it usually becomes easier for the medical office to run with fewer errors. Generally, any errors that do arise can be easily managed by your CPA.

Using QuickBooks for Customer Billing

If a medical office can not collect payments from patients, it may not be providing services for too much longer At Fusion CPA, we understand that customer billing can be a disorganized and inefficient affair. Some medical offices may even track and write invoices by hand. Others might be limited to accepting payment by cash or check. This can make it challenging for patients to pay their bills, it usually causes disorganized bookkeeping, and it may result in some services not being charged. QuickBooks may help health care accountants by making it easy to produce, track, and send invoices. During the implementation of the software, tailored invoices bearing the medical office’s logo and contact information can be created. These can be sent in printed documents through the mail or via email.

When invoices are sent via email by QuickBooks, your customers have the option to pay their bills electronically using the payment methods approved by your medical office. The work of tracking down invoices can become easier as QuickBooks can help monitor when invoices are paid. It also offers features that can be set to notify your accountants when invoices are past due, and it sends reminders when bills are overdue.

Use QuickBooks for Year-End Tax Filings

Whether you work in a large hospital or a family clinic, your medical center may have to file taxes. Much of this health care tax planning may fall on the medical office administrator. The difficulty of this task should depend on how your organization maintained accurate bookkeeping reports throughout the year. Fortunately, QuickBooks makes it possible for your CPA to enter records and receipts throughout the year. Having all of your accounting information in one location should make it easier to refer back to previous reports when they are needed.

QuickBooks Online Accountants + Health Care CFO Business Advisory = A Powerful Tool

At Fusion CPA, our QuickBooks Online accountants are committed to helping small to medium-size healthcare organizations like yours create tailored strategies for mindful financial growth. We are here to help you review and organize your bookkeeping, find ways to reduce costs, improve profitability, and create better business strategies with our business advisory services.

Acumatica - Healthcare Accounting & Tax Planning.jpeg


Working with animals doesn’t mean that your bookkeeping setup should look like a zoo. A veterinary clinic or chain of clinics can enjoy improved accountability and strategic growth when the right software and practices are in place.

Anyone who owns or manages a veterinarian clinic knows that this type of operation is so much more than a business. You are really welcoming your clients and their pets into your family. Fostering relationships with clients and providing the best care possible are things that you’re continually working on outside of billable hours. Who’s making sure you’re accessing the best business tools while you’re busy doing all of that?

Are you looking for a way to streamline and optimize the operational and financial sides of running a veterinary clinic? It might be time to bring someone in to make sure you’re covering the business side of things correctly. The surprising side effect is that day-to-day operations at your clinic may become much smoother. Outsourcing your accounting and tax planning needs aren’t for the birds if you run an animal clinic!

Bring In Veterinary Clinic Financial Advisers

Nobody would call a veterinary clinic accountant if a poodle had a sprained paw. That is clearly a task that is meant for an experienced veterinarian. Why do so many veterinarians assume that they have to handle their own veterinary clinic bookkeeping when that is clearly a task that’s meant for a veterinary clinic CPA? Taking on too much is a recipe for an inefficient veterinary clinic tax planning and financial strategy that can potentially leak revenue. The leader of a veterinary clinic or chain should rely on a team of veterinary clinic financial advisers to make sure that they have access to the latest innovations and practices that are available. The exciting thing about the veterinary clinic bookkeeping and business tools that are available is that everything is scalable. That means that world-class software can be tailored to fit the needs of a small practice or multi-state chain.

Accountability Based Veterinary Clinic CFO Advisory

Bringing in an outside firm to provide veterinary clinic accounting and financial advisory services isn’t just about outsourcing your bookkeeping needs. It’s actually about creating a system that allows you to stay in control of your own accounting practices on a long-term basis. A big part of getting insights and technical help from a veterinarian CPA should involve identifying and setting goals that are specific to the size and nature of your practice. Here are some goals that the right mix of financial knowledge and technical savvy can help your veterinarian practice to accomplish:

  • Better organization
  • Designated access for specific employees
  • A secure way to store files and records
  • Cleaner financial reports
  • Easier long-term planning
  • Easier internal auditing
  • Easier access to records
  • Streamlined payment processing
  • Cleaner tax reporting and preparation
  • QuickBooks Online integration

Having access to veterinary clinic CFO advisory services can help you maximize your current position. An underlying goal is obviously going to be improved profitability. However, a good bookkeeping plan doesn’t begin and end with your bottom line. Having a system that makes sense for your specific practice can actually make day-to-day operations more pleasant for both employees and clients. Your staff will be able to do their jobs more effectively without confusion, headaches, and red tape that result from outdated processes. This leaves more time for clinic-specific innovations and improvements!

Identify The Ideal Veterinarian Accounting Solutions

QuickBooks can be used to assist with developing an efficient system for veterinary clinic accounting. The accurate, effective way QuickBooks creates and keeps records can make day-to-day and tax planning so streamlined. The good news is that you don’t need to upend everything when it comes to QuickBooks just because you’re upgrading your software platform. The reason for this is that most top quality systems that are designed for veterinary clinic bookkeeping and tax planning are compatible with QuickBooks.

Quickbooks offers dozens of features suited for your veterinary clinic. To start things off, it lets you track your expenses in real-time. This feature allows you to manage the costs of your business, helping you maximize your bottom line. Another excellent feature of Quickbooks is its array of reports. From Profit and Loss Reports to Changes in Equities and Balance Statements, Quickbooks’s reports let you monitor your business whenever and wherever. The platform’s cash flow management system also lets you identify key sources of cash to help you with your liquidity and veterinary clinic tax planning. Quickbooks offers several other features to help your veterinary clinic succeed.

Go Next Level with QuickBooks Online Accountants

Many veterinary clinic operators are resistant to the idea of bringing in an outside expert to upgrade their veterinary clinic bookkeeping systems and practices because they don’t want to give up control or end up with a platform that feels like it “belongs” to someone else. Our team of veteran CPAs can help you develop veterinary clinic financial accountability based forecasting and monitoring tools designed to help you boost your success. Our clients commonly say that having our team of QuickBooks Online accountants as part of their team allows them to be more in control of the day-to-day and long-term operations of their businesses. We understand that every animal you help equals a pretty extensive paper trail. Contact us and let our veterinary clinic financial advisers help to make sure your financial plan is more than just a pet project!

Veterinary Make Up Artist and Cosmetic Company QuickBooks Online accountants


For Videographers, QuickBooks can be used to help in several ways. One essential benefit is that QuickBooks offers customizable reporting to help record work produced with video production software.

More QuickBooks Features

QuickBooks allows you to customize templates for film and video production. By setting up a chart of accounts, you can integrate several different bank accounts to correspond with budget line numbers. This QuickBooks feature may help you or your CPA to coordinate and track new projects as they are developed.

QuickBooks also offers job costing features. The QuickBooks Job Costing Module may make videography tax planning processes easier by streamlining the processes of issue estimates, purchase orders, and use of the standard expense accounts. You can also run production costs through QuickBooks job costing, which offers the functionality to set up items according to budget. What’s more, chart of accounts and inventory item management can run more efficiently within a QuickBooks implementation because multiple budgets can be tracked per company file. Here at Fusion CPA, our small business accountants recommend utilizing QuickBooks for entering purchase orders before and after production, especially when there is a lot of data to be registered. When each payment is set up on a separate line of the purchase order, QuickBooks may help you or your accountant calculate the amounts of paid invoices versus the outstanding payments.

Increased Efficiencies

If you need assistance with vendor, crew, and location invoices, QuickBooks may be a great asset for you. Management of these invoices can be a vital part of any production, and with QuickBooks, they can be managed in real-time. You should be able to print and post checks simultaneously.

Financial Management for Videographers

The QuickBooks platform provides useful tools for our CPAs to offer accounting services suitable for the video production industry. We are happy to partner with your to customize an efficient accounting/bookkeeping plan for your video production business. Part of our CFO business advisory service for videographers includes assisting with setting up your project budget, purchasing orders, vendor/contractor negotiation, and more.

QuickBooks may help us to track your credit card payments to vendors, and record your petty cash as journal entries. Simple transactions may be entered directly in the register, or journal entries may be opened for expense distribution against multiple lines. Further, your vendor names may be inserted in the columns for efficient tracking, if you choose.

At Fusion CPA our QuickBooks Online accountants also offer tax planning services for videographers. Once we have submitted your data into QuickBooks, we should be able to get a clear picture of your business operations and performance. These reports may help us create a tax planning strategy that may help you maximize deductions and minimize liabilities. Our team QuickBooks Online accountants at Fusion CPA are motivated by providing business owners like you with top-tier accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning services. We aim to help you free up more hours to focus more on your business, not on the accuracy of your books. With cutting-edge software that allows easier administration of our services, we hope to be partners who you can trust to streamline your financial operations across the board. You can learn more about our services by contacting us today!

Specialized videography Make Up Artist and Cosmetic Company QuickBooks Online accountants

Freelance Writers

Working in the gig economy is hard enough without worries about bookkeeping and taxes. You know it’s necessary to track all of your outreach, contracts, and payments. As a busy freelance writer, using QuickBooks can streamline your financial management process.

QuickBooks accounting platform is one of the leaders in the accounting technology environment. By utilizing the latest accounting technology automation, you can put your business on the fast track to profitability and keep it there. QuickBooks is also one of the most trusted freelance writer accounting platforms.

How QuickBooks Tailors Small Business Accounting 

QuickBooks is a well-trusted accounting platform in the accounting business, but few outside of the financial services industry know exactly how it makes businesses more streamlined and efficient. In addition to integrating easily with other financial tools and applications, it’s highly customizable and accurate. Our accountants here at Fusion CPA use this platform to track and manage freelance writer bookkeeping chores and maximize profits.

The Benefits of Using QuickBooks Online Accountants

When you’re trying to manage your business and attract new clients, you can benefit from bringing in an experienced CPA for freelance writing who knows the ins and outs of your industry. A good CPA can work with you to customize your entire bookkeeping setup by categorizing accounts, reviewing your books each month, and providing insight into your financial health and profitability.

QuickBooks Online Accountant Favorites: Automation Tools That Support Accurate Accounting & Timely Reporting

CPAs for freelance writers are tech-savvy professionals who know their way around current accounting and financial reporting software. Platforms like Quickbooks offer multiple levels of service that make it easy for them to manage enterprises ranging from small, local offices to mid-sized companies with a wider reach.

One-size solutions are outdated in a fast-paced, tech-driven business environment. QuickBooks offers features that are industry-specific, cloud-based, and customizable enough to fit your business model. Through one user-friendly dashboard, QuickBooks allows users to glance at which projects are most profitable, how your expenses affect your bottom line, and cash flow.

Each time you make a transaction, all of your accounts and financials are automatically updated.

This includes:

* Bill paying

* Bank deposits and reconciliation

* Payroll

* Invoicing

* Mileage and expense tracking

* Contract management

Getting Support: Tax Planning & Reporting For Freelance Writers

Here at Fusion Cpa, cutting-edge technology fuels our freelance writer tax planning services. Our financial advisers leverage Quickbooks reporting and analysis to eliminate risks to your profitability before they become a problem.

Whether your company is just starting out or you’re heading an established firm that requires comprehensive freelance writer CFO advisory service, our combination of personal attention, industry knowledge and automation means greater accuracy and detailed, timely reporting.

When tax time rolls around, all of your bookkeeping details and 1099s will be updated and compiled into financial reports that are ready to file.

Maximize Your Freelance Operations

As a freelance writer in today’s digital landscape, your writing goals may change but progress toward efficiency will never be an obsolete vision for your business. Our QuickBooks Online accountants understand your industry and have the tools, the team, and the expertise to make your company more efficient and profitable. Our services allow you to focus on the creative end while we keep an eye on your money.

Freelance Writers QuickBooks Online accountants

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists have a unique industry and need a unique approach to keeping track of expenses as well as. Using the right platform in bookkeeping for makeup artists will ensure that you are all set when tax season rolls around.

An accounting platform recommended by a CPA is an important piece of the financial puzzle. Do you currently have an financial adviser? If so, how are they helping you make important decisions? Because the IRS requires proper documentation, you’ll want to double-check the current platform or software you are using.

How Do You Break Down Your Expenses?

As a makeup artist, you have very little overhead, but a home office is a primary deduction that you and other makeup artists share. This is the one that gets the most attention from the IRS. Using the right platform for your accounting needs is critical to avoid making mistakes.

The home office should be dedicated to working alone, and nothing more. The features of specific platforms are ideal for helping you determine how best to write-off this expense. You may do this in two ways:

  • Multiplying square footage by $5

  • Adding up expenses directly as they can be accounted for

  • Only including a percentage of your home that you believe is being used for business

Quickbooks makes it easy for CPA’s to break down these expenses while utilizing the this makes it a seamless process when its time for strategic financial planning.

CFO Advisory For Makeup Artists

Professional training and development is important for you as a make-up artist. One of the best features of using Quickbooks makes it easy for financial advisers for make-up artists to give them tips on where to spend funds on professional training. Finding a CPA for makeup artists is important to get insider tips on how others in the industry are spending their money.

What About Your Insurance?

Insurance is necessary for every profession and managing the costs of insurance is just as important. This is where we come in, our CPAs for makeup artists, here at Fusion CPA can help you keep track of insurance costs, and our financial advisers can dig into the insurance policy to determine critical aspects like if it’s expected to increase. In addition, managing your utilities and other expenses will help you determine how much to allocate for monthly utilities.

This is helpful in analyzing your profitability, and how much your expenses will be. Are you still bringing in enough cash? The features inside Quickbooks will help you break down your utilities so you can see what is being spent for water, electricity, and more.

QuickBooks Online Accountants For Makeup Artists

If you understand the purpose of bookkeeping it can help you realize how much of a benefit it is to outsource accounting and CFO advisory. These specialized services for make-up artists can help you see the key indicators of how your business is doing now and what your forecast is in the coming months. So, if your bookkeeping data is accurate, your key indicators will also be accurate. We at Fusion CPA offer QuickBooks accounting and CFO advisory for makeup artists and we can provide best-in-class services. We also offer tax planning and preparation services to help make-up artists like you to maximize deductions which, as a result, can increase your savings.

Make Up Artist and Cosmetic Company QuickBooks Online accountants


Some estimates claim that by the year 2021, e-commerce sales around the world will reach $4.9 trillion. Proper tax planning and accounting may help you achieve your goal by giving you a clear picture of where your money is going to help you make accounting decisions

These informed choices might lead your e-commerce company to long-term profitability – that’s where QuickBooks comes in. QuickBooks Online is a comprehensive accounting software. It can be used to track cash flow, count inventory, and understand the cost of goods sold.

How E-commerce Companies Use QuickBooks to Track Their Cash Flow

Cash flow management is usually a key aspect of an e-commerce company CPA role. Traditionally, cash flow is calculated by determining the amount of cash that is available at the beginning and end of a set period. Cash flow and profitability are not the same. A profitable business may not have the cash to pay its bills. Conversely, a business may meet all its financial obligations but not be turning a profit. Using QuickBooks may make it easier for your or your e-commerce company’s CPA to track cash flow and provide a series of reports and projections.

Set up a cash flow projection using QBO

Our e-commerce business accountants recommend working with an expert to set up these controls. So, if you are new to operating accounting software or you want to get started with professionals – our team here at Fusion CPA is here to help.

QuickBooks and Inventory Management for E-commerce Companies

For your e-commerce company to be scalable, sustainable, and profitable, you or your e-commerce company’s accountant should have a firm grasp on inventory management. Failing to monitor your inventory could lead to overselling or overestimating your e-commerce company’s inventory needs. QuickBooks should also make handling your inventory easier. When you purchase or sell products, inventory quantities can be set to automatically update, so you know when to reorder and what to reorder. It also has the functionality to help track what you have ordered if you set up vendor categories. Then, once all categories are in place your e-commerce company’s bookkeeper can organize the contact information of several vendors into one place to make reordering easier.

Use QuickBooks to Track the Cost of Goods Sold

The cost of goods sold is the cost of labor and materials used to create goods or offer a service. Knowing the cost of goods sold usually helps you analyze and estimate your bottom line. If the cost of goods sold rises, your company’s net profits may decrease. An increase in the cost of goods could be beneficial from a tax planning standpoint as it usually means you will have increased expenses and lower tax liability. However, there may be less profit for you or for shareholders. When your e-commerce company sells an item, you or your CPA can run QuickBooks’s “Transaction Journal Report” on the invoice or sales receipt. This will present the Sales/Accounts Receivable transaction and the Inventory/COGS transaction to determine the cost of goods sold.

Get Practical Advice from E-Commerce QuickBooks Online Accountants

We understand the e-commerce market is growing and we at Fusion CPA are committed to helping e-commerce companies succeed. We do this by offering strategic tax planning, tailored financial advice, and accurate bookkeeping services. Our team of experienced QuickBooks accountants offers expert insight on maintaining a balanced inventory. We can show you how using software like QuickBooks may help you maintain visibility across multiple warehouses and multiple channels. Learning financial and tax strategies may save you money while growing your e-commerce company. So, let’s talk.

eCommerce QuickBooks Online accountants


Your marketing firm likely spends considerable hours navigating administrative challenges that may eat away at your agency’s profit margin. Or you may procrastinate on tax planning until deadlines are right on top of you. Fortunately, QuickBooks may be your solution.

QuickBooks is an outstanding tool that may help improve some essential marketing business bookkeeping and tax planning tasks that may be essential to your bottom line and future growth.

Tie Expenses to Specific Clients

It is common for marketing firms to have various credit card expenses submitted by their staff. These might include meals with clients, travel, office supplies, or purchasing stock photos online. Credit card expenses that are not linked to a specific client can be troublesome.

QuickBooks allows you to enter billable expenses and then associate them to a client.

Easily Create and Track Invoices for Your Marketing Firm

If you are like most people, you may not think creating invoices is fun, but it is necessary for your marketing firm to stay in business. QuickBooks can help your marketing business CPA create an invoicing schedule both you and your clients understand.

You can customize your invoice by adding your logo, changing the invoice template, and using QuickBooks to set up online payments. When you set up online payments, your clients will get a pay now button in the email, allowing them to pay using the payment options you have pre-approved.

At Fusion CPA, we can help you understand the invoicing features on QuickBooks and help you look at your financial reports to determine if adjusting your payment terms that help improve your agency’s cash flow.

Using QuickBooks to Simplify Your Tax Planning

QuickBooks may help your marketing firm with marketing business tax planning by automatically calculating payroll taxes and calculating state taxes if you have a tax nexus in multiple states.

QuickBooks makes it easier for your marketing team to keep track of expenses by allowing you to save receipts with a photo. The plan quarterly tax feature may also help avoid year-end surprises and lets you know how much your marketing firm should set aside each quarter.

Get Sound Guidance from QuickBooks Online Accountants

We offer CFO advisory services to small to medium marketing firms like yours. Our marketing business CPAs are experts in using QuickBooks Online and can teach your staff how to make the most of this powerful tool.

Fusion CPA has years of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning experience across multiple field service areas. We offer our services to help your company take advantage of tax deductions, avoid tax penalties, organize your bookkeeping, and help you plan for the future.

Does your marketing firm need help with strategic financial planning, cash flow management, certified audits, or internal controls? Would you like an unbiased assessment of your current financial situation and tips that can lead to future growth? If so, contact our team to help you.

Utilizing outsourced QuickBooks Online accountants to Improve Your Marketing Company Accounting


If you wish to initiate a partnership, buy out another firm, or sell your firm, understanding law firm bookkeeping may help you evaluate the worth of your firm. QuickBooks is a powerful comprehensive software that may help you make sense of complicated processes related to bookkeeping.

Where to Start Implementing QuickBooks

A general understanding of basic business accounting may help you evaluate your law firm from a business management perspective.

Your general ledger will include the following.

  • assets – what your law firm owns
  • liabilities – what your law firm owes others
  • equity – assets minus liability
  • income – revenue you have earned over a pre-defined period
  • expenses – what you spent over a pre-defined period

How To Create A Balance Sheet

Traditionally, having an accurate balance sheet is a key part of law firm tax planning. Your balance sheet should represent your law firm’s financial position at the end of a specific date. It’s like a screenshot of your law firm’s financial position at a specific point in time. QuickBooks makes it easy for your law firm accountant to prepare and update your balance sheet. First, you or your law firm accountant should determine the balance sheet they want QuickBooks to generate. The five options are as follows.

  • standard
  • detail
  • summary
  • class
  • previous year comparison

The next step is opening QuickBooks and selecting the account from the “File” menu. This account will generate the balance sheet. Select “Reports.” Choose “Company & Financial” using the drop-down menu.Do you have questions about balance sheets? Don’t worry. Fusion CPA’s financial advisers can help you determine the balance sheet that is right for your law firm’s needs.

Using QuickBooks to Manage Your Law Firm

QuickBooks has tools designed to help track time, bill clients, and manage costs, be them in the office or on the go. Using QuickBooks may help minimize manual data entry by allowing you to connect QuickBooks to your bank. Payments from clients are automatically reported, and you can connect expenses to specific cases or clients. QuickBooks may also help you manage your billing by assigning hourly rates for different legal services. Custom fees can be created for your associates, assistants, paralegals, and partners. When billable hours get added to an invoice, QuickBooks automatically does the math for you.

Take Advantage of Tax Strategies

QuickBooks is a comprehensive tool that may help give you insight into your law firm’s finances. However, raw data is not enough. You need to know how to apply that data to improve your law firm’s profitability. This is where we come in at Fusion CPA.

We have a team of seasoned financial advisers and QuickBooks Online accountants. We can manage tax filings with the IRS, create individualized tax planning for partners, and help design the most advantageous structure to yield optimal tax results. We have experience providing real-time cash flow and accounting information, preparing detailed monthly financial reports, and helping our clients enjoy a virtually painless tax session, knowing that their accounts are being handled by professionals. Our goal is to help you gain insights into your law firm’s current financial situation and strategies to promote growth. You can learn more about our services scheduling a complimentary discovery call today!

Working with QuickBooks Online accountants in Your Law Firm

Arts & Entertainment

Some platforms can be a hassle for non-accountants to use but QuickBooks Online is well-known for its intuitive and easy to learn. In fact, its creators designed it for use by people in all professions. Another key benefit is the platform’s ability to integrate with most other programs on the market.

That means that an entertainment company or sole proprietor can use QuickBooks year-round and simply export data to their preferred tax-prep software to lessen the hassle of annual or quarterly filing.

The Uniqueness of the Entertainment Industry

There are plenty of unique aspects to entertainment industry accounting. That’s because agencies and individual performers have to keep track of multiple contracts, tailor-made payment arrangements and various entertainment industry bookkeeping methods that can be quite complex.

Some issues that arise regularly in entertainment industry bookkeeping include intellectual property income for things like royalties, copyrights and other non-tangible assets. Additionally, there are often international sources of income, which present their own special challenges. It doesn’t take an entertainment industry CPA to realize that this area of endeavor is not run-of-the-mill accounting.

Advantages of QuickBooks For Entertainment Industry Professionals

Entertainment industry tax planning must consider worldwide markets because income often comes from international sources, investments are globally-based, and you might have to prepare tax returns for several different countries each year. Few other industries include such a vast, diverse field of practice. What are some of the key advantages of QuickBooks?

  • Categorizing expenses based on clients, jobs, projects or international sources is part and parcel of the QB program.
  • Production cost invoicing.
  • When it comes to ease of use, QB is unmatched. Its creators designed it so that virtually all its essential functions easily navigated
  • Money management and budgeting on individual projects helps you keep track of every dollar spent and allows you to stay within budget constraints on a film, live production or studio project.
  • For CPAs especially, It’s easy to export data to any tax-prep software for efficient entertainment industry tax planning and reporting.
  • building customized charts, invoices, business plans and spreadsheets for every project, no matter how unique it is, where it’s based or what its budget is.

How To Get Started with a QuickBooks Accountant

It’s never easy to find a great entertainment industry CPA or entertainment industry CFO advisory service. But the team at Fusion CPA has the experience and specialized skills to offer a full array of financial services and perform as your entertainment industry financial advisers.

That means when you need help with any accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning or financial situation — we’ve got your back. You can learn more about our services or schedule a complimentary discovery call today!

Accounting tips for Artists and Entertainers

Real Estate

QuickBooks may be the ideal tool for your real estate business.  QuickBooks may vary depending on your exact industry. There are several tools in QuickBooks that can benefit any sector of the industry – whether you host an AirBNB or you’re flipping houses.

Setting up QuickBooks for Real Estate Bookkeeping

Both the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks starts with setting up your chart of accounts. The decisions you make at this initial stage will determine how your real estate bookkeeping will be recorded from now on.

One of the first steps your real estate accountant might take is setting up cost accounts for your real estate investments. You may find that some accounts you need are not automatically included in the “Chart of Accounts” that QuickBooks generates, so your real estate accountant may need to adjust them accordingly.

Adding Properties As Customers in QuickBooks

You can add properties as if they were customers. QuickBooks allows you to allocate invoices, bills, and expenses under a customer’s name. You can track the expenses and income for each of your properties.

At Fusion CPA, our real estate CPAs can walk you through using QuickBooks to track individual properties. We can also answer questions you may have on sales tax, property tax, and real estate investing.

How To Do Real Estate Tax Planning With QuickBooks

The distinction between being an investor or a business owner will affect the deductions you can take and how passive losses from rental real estate will impact your bottom line. Business owners can usually deduct expenses that investors cannot.

QuickBooks may help you get all the tax deductions you deserve. Its smart organization feature allows you to sort business expenses by categories, so they are automatically ready to use at tax time. These could include marketing, coaching, or training programs you received, real estate licenses, real estate association dues, and brokerage fees.

Some transportation, travel, and meal expenses may be deductible. QuickBooks makes it easier for you to record these by allowing you or those who work for you to take photos of your receipts and automatically match and categorize these receipts for you. QuickBooks allows you to plan quarterly taxes in advance by automatically calculating how much money you need to set aside. QuickBooks can take much of the time and stress out of real estate tax planning.

Reach Your Goals with the Help of QuickBooks Online Accountants

Fusion CPA offers real estate CFO business advisory services designed to help you break down your overall goals into smaller quantifiable goals. We provide guidance to help lead you down your strategic financial and tax planning path.

Our team is ready to help work with you to create a system using software like QuickBooks Online to measure and track the metrics and KPI of your goal. When there is a deviation, we offer to help you correct it and move forward. Fusion CPA does more than just file your tax return. Our goal is to be a strategic partner with you, helping you realize your goals. You can learn more about our services by scheduling a complimentary discovery call today!

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You can easily track your finances with QuickBooks Online as you can import transactions from your business credit card and bank accounts and sort each of those transactions into specific tax categories. Getting assistance with the software and all of its features can also be helpful.

By outsourcing your technology business bookkeeping to an expert, it can ease your workload and help ensure accuracy and detail when your financial transactions are being reconciled with your business accounts.

Best Practices for Staying Organized

In today’s technological society, you can continue to grow an established business gradually or take an idea and turn it into a startup company quickly. Whether this progression is slow or rapid, it often requires an adequate amount of cash flow and keeping a steady eye on the accounting of your technology business. Outsourcing your requirements to a technology business CPA who has a strong knowledge of QuickBooks and an understanding of this type of accounting software can help strengthen the financial foundation of your business. You’ll receive assistance with the following:

– Balancing your business checkbook: QuickBooks has debit and credit sections where you can quickly transfer data

– Reviewing past due receivables: QuickBooks offers payment reminders and can match payments to invoices automatically

– Analyzing inventory status: You can manage vendors, track products and receive notifications via QuickBooks

– Processing payroll: QuickBooks can help keep you compliant with your 1099s

Reviewing your financial reports and determining if you’re operating with an actual profit or loss versus your budget is crucial. QuickBooks and assistance from a CPA can help you avoid errors and other costly mistakes.

Assistance with Your Technology Business Taxes

Taking advantage of our first-class financial management service means you’ll have access to an expert who is proficient in keeping you compliant with the IRS. QuickBooks allows you to easily organize each expense and income transaction into specific tax categories. This organization makes it easier for a CPA to assist with the creation of your technology business tax planning strategy. A knowledgeable, seasoned technology business CPA can help ensure that your tax forms meet the requirements and regulations appropriate for your operations. Conducting a detailed analysis of your expenses and income via QuickBooks can help a CPA form a solid technology business tax planning strategy that assists you in only paying what’s required.

Utilizing QuickBooks Accountants

As someone who spends a significant amount of time operating a technology business, you understand how quickly changes can occur in your industry. Staying on top of the products or services you offer and keeping aware of new introductions from competitors is vital. Grounding your business with strategic financial goals can help solidify the processes you use to operate your business. Utilizing outsourced QuickBooks Online accountants to assist with the analysis of your profitability and cash flow can help when implementing new growth initiatives. Our technology business financial advisers here at Fusion CPA can help with this by utilizing the streamlined functions that QuickBooks provides. They can help you track both non-financial and financial KPIs so that you know how well your business is performing. You can learn more about our services by scheduling a complimentary discovery call today!

Tech companies can use QuickBooks Online

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In addition to offering QuickBooks Online integration services, we are also able to provide your firm with ongoing accounting, tax planning, and accountability-based CFO advisory services designed to stabilize and grow your firm. Feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions about our QuickBooks Online accounting services.