Selling Your Accounting Firm In Georgia?

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It takes a lot of time and dedication to advance an accounting firm to where it is profitable. You had to identify your niche and find the ideal clients while maintaining up-to-date with events in the accounting industry. There might come a time when working 80 hours a week and dealing with a constant turnover of customers and clients is more than you want to handle.

Fortunately, Fusion CPA provides opportunities for you to merge or sell your firm. So, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur planning for retirement or a young entrepreneur ready to reinvest in other ventures, you have options.


Determining the Value of Your Accounting Practice

Client Retention

Client retention is very important as it is typically a primary metric used when determining the value of your accounting practice. Buyers are usually cautious about doing an upfront sale because there is a risk that the clients will leave once the handover is complete. It is more common for buyers to pay in yearly installments, which can be adjusted to reflect client retention. If the acquired firm loses clients, the annual installment may decrease. However, if the firm client pool increases, then the annual installment may increase. Each sale and merger usually has its own set of requirements agreed upon by both parties.

Size Matters

Small accounting firms in Georgia, especially those that have one owner or a pair of owners, are attractive to larger firms because smaller firms have fewer staff members, making transitions less complex. Traditionally, small firms have a manageable list of clients that a larger firm can merge into their existing client base with ease. If your accounting firm is a small business, it may be helpful to make proposals with this information in mind since you may have an advantage in the market. If you own a large firm, you may need to consider the possibility of lengthy negotiations with buyers. It may be helpful for you to discuss offers with your financial adviser to determine the quality of an offer against your goals or do your market research to ensure profitability. On the upside, you may be able to secure a package that allows for early retirement.

We Will Make this a Smooth Transition

As the number of accounting firms for sale in Georgia increases, it may be harder for you to sell or merge your accounting firm at the price you desire. Whether you are desire to begin the transition process to merge or sell your accounting firm today or in a few months, now is the best time to plan for your accounting firm's future.

We have structured a 3-phase process designed to streamline the transition process involved in merging and/or selling your accounting firm. Phase 1 is evaluation, during which we examine your accounting practice to attain a solid understanding of your strategic goals and your firm’s workflows. Phase 2 is valuation, during this phase we will help you finalize the appropriate asking price based on your firm’s lines of business, specialties, and retention rates. Phase 3 is the merger phase, once there is an agreement in place we will coordinate the transition of staff, clients, and post-closing responsibilities for both the buyer and seller.

Fusion CPA is actively looking to merge or acquire a tax, accounting or bookkeeping firm in the Atlanta area

Our business operations have evolved with technology, and we are continually making innovations to serve our clients better. Our goal is to provide optimal services as we strive to address every aspect of our clients' needs. If you would like to sell or merge your accounting firm here in Georgia, we would like to hear from you. We aim to be partners you can trust to uphold your quality of service. Fill out the form below so you can connect with us to discuss your options.