Selling Your Accounting Firm In Florida?

We're in the market to buy an accounting firm in your area.

Points to consider when merging or selling your accounting firm.

Are you looking for a business opportunity that will allow you to sell your accounting firm in Tennessee? This is undoubtedly a big decision that requires plenty of deliberation. However, the reality is that there may be a lot of freedom waiting for you on the other side of this decision once you find the right firm to acquire the business you've built. It may be time to look into the possibilities that await when you merge with an established, highly structured firm with a broader reach and workforce.

Client Volume

Many people with finance and accounting backgrounds establish private accounting firms because they're interested in offering financial services. However, they soon discover that they are instead caught in a cycle of needing to perform "sales" and "marketing" functions in order to attract and retain clients. It may be essential to merge or sell relatively soon if you're predicting a dip in client retention. Client retention is something that contributes to the value of a firm during a sale or merger. Many buyers request retention metrics when deciding whether an "upfront" sale is advisable.

Firm Size

Being at the helm of a smaller firm does not necessarily put you at a disadvantage when it comes to selling your accounting firm in Florida. Smaller firms are often attractive to larger firms because "scale" makes for a smoother merger. A larger firm is often eager to scoop up and integrate what appears to be a manageable, loyal client base. This is definitely an asset to play up during negotiations. The other benefit of a smaller firm is that you can often make a "clean break" by merely redirecting your client base to the buyer. That doesn't mean that larger firms don't have appeal in selling situations. It simply means that there may be more pieces of the pie to divide up during negotiations.

Fusion CPA is actively looking to merge or acquire a accounting and tax firms in Tennessee

Fusion CPA of Georgia is actively seeking CPA and accounting firms throughout Florida interested in mergers or sales. We understand that a proposal to buy can be an essential opportunity for someone looking to exit the tax, accounting, or bookkeeping arenas in Florida. Our esteemed accounting firm will work hard to transition ownership as smoothly as possible. We'll walk you through every stage of determining your company's market placement, valuating your company, and working through the particulars of completing a successful merger. We carefully honed, streamlined merger process has been designed to ensure a seamless transition for staff and clients that upholds the reputation you've worked so hard to cultivate.

Fusion CPA understands that the rise in accounting and CPA firms throughout Florida and the surrounding states create a pessimistic outlook among firm owners looking to sell for a reasonable price. However, we offer the unique benefit of working with firms to uncover their strengths and identify ideal timelines for the transition. Our team is not afraid to take the slow and steady approach to ensure that our clients feel strategically in control. Take a look at how our structured, three-phase process is structured:

  • Phase 1: The Fusion team evaluates your firm to understand the client base, strategy, goals, and workflows.

  • Phase 2: Valuation comes next. This is where we explore asking price based on the particular value tied to your firm.

  • Phase 3: This is the merger phase. The timeline for this phase will vary by firm. It typically involves process transitions and post-closing duties.

Innovative, cutting-edge Fusion CPA is interested in exploring the possibility of merging with your Florida CPA, bookkeeping, or account firm. We want to hear from you if you're wondering how to sell an accounting practice in Florida. Simply fill out the form below to get the conversation started.