Jani-King Franchise Accounting

Franchise Accountants of Atlanta

Under the Jani-King brand, entrepreneurs such as you can own and operate a commercial cleaning business. As a unit franchisee, you have at your disposal Jani-King’s marketing through social media, sports teams, brand recognition, and other channels. Jani-King touts its ability to negotiate for you prices for your services and deals to acquire equipment, the use of regional offices and national-level corporate resources to find new customers. These special accounts may include sports arenas, lodging, and health care facilities. In addition, Jani-King offers insurance programs to cover potential losses to your equipment or liability from your actions. You may also have a master franchise where you control an exclusive territory and grant unit franchises in it.

The Importance Of Franchise CFO Advisory

The size of your Jani-King franchise will likely determine the type and extent of equipment you will need to start operations. Jani-King franchisees are expected to have microfiber towels, modern equipment and proper maintenance on vacuum cleaners and other equipment.

Our franchise accountants can advise you on how to achieve returns on your investment. In our business advisory role, we’ll help you identify or suggest pricing strategies, budgeting, purchasing equipment, how to control costs, whether you finance by borrowing or tapping into equity (yours or others), and the importance of franchise tax planning and preparation in these decisions. You will also need to understand the types of expenses and potential problems with too much of your sales being shown as receivables rather than being cash to operate your business.

Streamlining Your Franchise Accounting

With our franchise accounting services, we will prepare balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, and business checking and credit account reconciliations. In doing so, we will depreciate equipment based upon relevant tax laws that control the period of depreciation and the percentage of value that can be depreciated. Our franchise accountants can assist with ensuring prompt payment of salaries, wages, and invoices, along with proper withholding of payroll taxes.