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Online Accountants for Your Hospitality Business

Imagine having accurate data and an experienced hospitality accountant to consult whenever you need to make a business decision. Teaming up with us will help your business record and integrate data accurately. Say goodbye to expensive slip-ups and hello to the latest and greatest accounting methods. 

Fusion CPA is a forward-thinking team of accountants experienced in integrating hospitality accounting and booking platforms. Our aim is equipping you with the tools and the data to make accurate predictions every time.

Expert accounting creates a solid foundation for business growth, and from there we train teams to use their software in such a way that managers always have data available in real-time with cloud-based software. This can give you the edge you need to succeed long term.

We cover all facets of accounting for the hospitality industry. You can also rely on our accountants for forecasting and revenue growth. We really care about building successful businesses. 


Stay Agile with Professional Hospitality Accountants

We offer online, outsourced accounting for businesses who need the best hospitality accountants and value for money. Preparing your reports and providing accurate cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss figures are critical.

Furthermore, keeping track of your cost of sales can be critical in maintaining the margins you need to meet your financial objectives. Accounting for the hospitality industry also requires you to complete financial statements quarterly, which can take up a huge chunk of your time if you’re not very experienced in hospitality accounting.

Navigating these requirements can be easy with the assistance of Fusion CPA’s best-in-class online accounting services. We can help ensure your financial data is completed accurately and on time when you’re required to meet specific guidelines.

Because hospitality is a seasonal industry, meeting your labor demands during high season can be a challenge. Many businesses also suffer under overspending during periods of lower demand. Having a seasoned CPA who specializes in accounting for the hotel industry handle your bookkeeping can help you recognize these trends and optimize your spending.

Utilize the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

It can be critical for your business to utilize the best accounting software for your industry that can handle complex transactions. Whether it’s for a single operation or a hotel chain, handling invoices, reconciling deposits and cancellations, and following up on overdue payments should be more straightforward when you’re using the appropriate software solution.

We have experience with some of the best accounting software for hotels. Having us assist you in utilizing this type of application for your business can help automate essential processes and eliminate costly errors. We know that implementing and integrating software into your operations can be cumbersome and doesn’t happen overnight. Having an experienced accounting specialist optimize and integrate your software mitigates risks and makes the transition smoother.

We can also help your team transition to using the latest software.

We've integrated these platforms and more

We Also Do Hospitality Tax Planning and Preparation

A CPA can save you money on tax deductions and is the solution you require to avoid costly tax penalties. Getting assistance with the complexities of hospitality tax regulations from an experienced CPA is advisable when you’re filing a tax return for your business. 

Receiving assistance from our team helps highlight essential areas where you can save money on your taxes. Tracking the operating expenses of your hotels accurately helps keep you safe from overspending. It also reveals items you can use as deductions to offset the income you make from operations. Taking care of your guests requires various types of equipment. Depreciating these items over multiple accounting periods is critical if you want to take advantage of tax rules and save the most money.

Keeping your accounting for the hospitality industry current and up-to-date should make it more straightforward to forecast the tax bill you’ll need to pay. Having a CPA use these numbers to estimate revenue or expenses in the future should be beneficial when creating a tax planning strategy. Becoming more prepared for the taxes you’ll pay by assisting you in creating a comprehensive tax planning strategy should help increase your bottom line.

Our Hospitality Accountants' Success Stories

I've retained Fusion CPA for the past two years to handle both my yearly filings and the books for my business. I couldn't be happier. Trevor is a super talented, friendly and professional accountant. His customer service is second to none. He's always available via phone, email and in-person -- and I'm talking, lightning-fast deliverables. I feel quite confident with Trevor and his team in my corner. Having him available for expert advice is truly wonderful. Honestly, I'm not a big client or anything by any stretch, but he makes me feel like I'm a VIP. Overall, the value for money is superb. Recommended A+. You won't be disappointed.

Josh B

Don't miss out on important hospitality industry finance updates

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Whether you’re a smaller operation or larger hotel, we can help you identify the financials that can make or break your margins.

Using KPIs and scorecards can be essential in your industry, especially in assessing customer satisfaction or loyalty programs. We can help you implement these valuable tools to provide the transparency required to extract insights and make your hotel more profitable.

Tapping into our knowledge and experience should provide you with the assistance you need to stay on top of your accounting and tax requirements.

Hospitality Industry Accountants Who Understand Your Unique Needs

An online, outsourced CPA is the ideal solution when you’re weary of committing to a permanent employee to handle your accounting and taxes. We want to join forces to stabilize your business finances and grow revenue.

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