FedEx Franchise Accounting

Franchise Accountants of Atlanta

Outsourcing is the new trend for businesses, and sometimes it's better to get help from an outside source. Hand your accounting needs over to a company that specializes in handling all types of businesses. Franchises like FedEx that have millions of employees and thousands of offices around the world, would require such services. Every individual business needs the right professional services to handle their tax and accounting paperwork.


The average FedEx company has dozens up to hundreds of employees. Many are seasonal or temporary workers who are added to the payrolls and then removed just as quickly. You have to submit tax forms for every employee who passes through your buildings. They need FedEx franchise tax planning and preparation services to complete the taxes correctly and on time.

In addition, franchisee’s may have issues with the ever-evolving tax laws. Every few years, there are tax reforms that affect individuals, small businesses or corporations. After the reforms occur, you may receive more or less money on your tax returns. You may have to fill out additional documents or risk paying additional penalties. However, not every FedEx franchisee can keep track of recent tax law changes. It's much easier to utilize the assistance of our FedEx franchise CPAs.


A typical shipping company has expenses, savings, investments, and profits. You have insurance to protect any packages that may get lost and use computer software systems to track orders and deliveries.Our seasoned FedEx franchise accounts understand the necessity to record all of the supplies and activities that existed since the first day of business. Tax auditors, lawyers or employees may require this information for their inquiries.

Our FedEx accountants can use Quick Books Online accounting software to record every detail about the business. However, franchise accounting does not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Every franchise company is different, based on its size, years of experience and the number of customers. Each one requires the use of customized software features. A larger business may need more reporting features than a smaller one that only needs basic bookkeeping.

Few franchise businesses like FedEx can survive without proper record keeping and financial management. The owners also need to plan and prepare tax forms at the start of each new year. Fusion CPA’s Fedex accountants and tax experts are available to help all types of business owners. Find out more by contacting Fusion CPA today.