What can you expect when working with Fusion CPA

Make the right decision for your business

Partnering with an expert financial advisor is the best decision you can make for the future of your company. Our clients have counted on us for the last ten years to keep them protected from tax issues, financial statement errors, outdated software, and business processes that were ineffective.

With our guidance, we hope that your company reaches its goals in no time!

A typical client journey

Phase 0 - Are we the right fit?

Let’s call this phase 0 – before we can help you transform your business finances, we have to determine if we’re the right fit for you

Discovery Call

We discuss the main issues and pain points your company might be experiencing. Each company is unique so we’ll need to learn more about your business structure. We’ll look at a realistic timeline and we can also give you a ballpark cost estimate.


During the diagnostic step, we will look at all the facts and figures that are important for business growth, tax planning, and efficient accounting. We also check if your different software platforms are integrated effectively. This allows us to discuss a proposal based on your needs. This is usually during a second discovery call.

Phase 1 - 3

Phase 1 - Stabilization

Exciting! If you accept our proposal, we can start to transform your company into the best it can be. In general, clients contact us because they need to stabilize their finances with accounting cleanup and setup. We also help them optimize and automate a lot of processes with our software integration and migration services.

Phase 2 - Analysis

Soon after, a company might realize that their business growth means their taxes get more complicated (and more expensive!). Therefore our accountants take them through an analysis phase to optimize their tax spend with the help of our expert tax planning.

Phase 3 - Mindful Growth

Once a business is stabilized and tax compliant, they can plan for mindful growth. It’s important to set business goals and clear outcomes. We’ve had great success with the business management system we use and we love helping our clients with CFO advisory to reach their unique goals.

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