Century 21 Franchise Accounting

Franchise Accountants of Atlanta

Operating a successful Century 21 real estate franchise can often seem like a never-ending job. From processing payroll to creating marketing materials and everything in between - your to-do list just seems to keep getting longer.

For many Century 21 franchisees, accounting and tax planning have proved to be particularly big time-sinks. If you have found yourself in this position and would like to reclaim some of that time spent on accounting so that you can focus on your family or other projects, our knowledgeable Atlanta real estate CPAs can help.


The day-to-day bookkeeping requirements of a successful Century 21 real estate franchise can often be quite sizable. However, the completion of projects such as expense entry and bank reconciliations are extremely important. After all, unless your books are up to date, it is impossible to gain a clear understanding of the company's financial health.

Our real estate franchise accountants understand how tough it can be to find time to carry out these tasks. As such, we make it easy to simply hand those projects over to us. Our team can work within your existing accounting system to make sure that your books are always up to date. Whether you use QuickBooks or an alternative program, our team of accountants can ensure that your reports are always accurate.

Tax Planning

It is a fact of life that just about every company in America has to pay taxes in some form or another. In the case of a Century 21 franchise, this tax usually comes in the form of payroll taxes and tax on profits. If you are handling the taxation process in-house, you will likely end up spending a large number of man-hours on a project that ends up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Luckily, our seasoned franchise tax planning and preparation experts are capable of making the entire taxation process more efficient. Our real estate investment franchise accountants are able to help you prepare estimates, maximize your deductions, and ensure that everything is filed on time. The Fusion CPA team also stays on top of the latest updates in tax law, so you can ensure that your filings are always compliant with the most recent legislation.

CFO Advisory

When you are making big financial decisions on behalf of your business, it is always important to have all of the information you may need on-hand to assist you. After all, you can't be confident in hiring a new employee if you don't know exactly how your finances look right now.

Luckily, the Fusion CPA team can help. About 75% of our new clients come to us needing some sort of clean up project. Once clean up is complete and we get clients to stabilization we can begin to analyze your financial data and provide you with the information you need. We can provide you with charts, graphs, spreadsheets, or whatever else you may require in order to make an informed decision.