A lot of major cities throughout the United States are developing reputations as global technology hubs. This progress has led to the creation of unprecedented opportunities for technology company owners. At the same time, the need for high-level technology company bookkeeping and tax planning has also grown just as fast; which, in turn, resulted in a growing demand for cloud-based accounting programs like Accounting Seed.

A Software That Is DCAA Compliant

Many technology companies rely on government contracts. Being able to gain and maintain access to government contracts you are required to be DCAA compliant. This compliance not only legitimizes the work of your tech company, but it also makes it easier for your business to acquire future contracts. Luckily, Accounting Seed has been optimized for DCAA compliance. DCAA compliance is not only an option in federal contracting, rather it is a government requirement. Accounting Seed makes your journey to compliance a lot easier and your position as a federal contractor more secure.

Automate Financial Management

Accounting Seed is changing the way technology companies like yours look at financial management. It was designed to keep control in your hands by allowing the software to work for you. Accounting Seed integrates with Salesforce. As a result, Accounting Seed has been rated the number one accounting solution for a number of years on the Salesforce Appexchange. By integrating Accounting Seed with Salesforce, you can gather data from any processes your company needs with just a click of a button. Accounting Seed uses automation as a tool that allows you to reward your customers. It makes it easier for you to focus on directing a technology company instead of focusing on day-to-day operations.

As a tech company, Accounting Seeds cloud-based management feature can benefit you greatly. Accounting Seed is a pioneer in the idea of no code accounting with zero data entry using a cloud accounting ecosystem that makes automation easier. The goal of this software is to make the data entry component of bookkeeping practically disappear. Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of this software means that you can access your data from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to cloud-based technology, Accounting Seed can consistently provide you with the latest updates.

Advanced Sales And Purchase Tax Features

Tax planning can be one of the most cumbersome activities for technology entrepreneurs who choose to do this without consulting with a seasoned CPA. Not only do these taxes affect your bottom line, but they can also be troublesome if you are not familiar with the proper tax rates. It also affects your technology company’s bookkeeping as your financial records need to always be accurate so that you do not report incorrect metrics when filing your taxes. Having big and/or small errors on your tax return can result in hefty fines from the Internal Revenue Service.

Fortunately, Accounting Seed offers some automation features than can really streamline your tax planning process. The software allows technology company owners like you to assign tax rates to both your customers and vendors. Thus, it can help you automate the application of taxes to your future sales and purchases. Accounting Seed’s automated tax features can help you with your technology firm’s tax planning by providing you with more reliable tax records. Our team of technology firm CPAs can help you maximize your profitability and identify weaknesses in your accounting process. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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