With employment being the core of your staffing firm’s operations, a lot of people depend on you as their source of income. Hence, your staffing firm’s success is important not just to you, but to many other people as well. Fortunately, Accounting Seed can help you drive financial growth and success in your company.

Accounting Seed is a financial software geared towards effective accounting processes for small to mid-size businesses. Its features help you track data from start to end, simplify billing, manage inventory, and more. The platform’s web interface also means that you can manage your staffing firm accounting anywhere and anytime.

Efficient Billing Automation

Having a hassle-free billing process can benefit your staffing firm in many ways. Accounting Seed’s automated billing system allows you to start projects, establish recurring billing plans, and seamlessly deliver invoices. It also makes it easy for you to close deals with new clients as consistent billing is seen as a good business practice. Additionally, customer billing automation allows you to jump right from your sales pipeline to invoice delivery. With a simple click, you can move through each step with the no bulky integration points.

Accounting Seed allows you to create one or multiple billing records straight from lead records using their seamless CRM integration. With it, you can generate time cards, expense reports, and billings, all with multi-level billing rate tables. Accounting is designed to take your stress out of the billing interaction.

Manage Your Debts With A Click Of A Button

Each staffing firm has its own unique payment challenges. The sheer number of individuals your firm interacts with can significantly complicate your staffing firm’s bookkeeping process. Accounting Seed makes this process easier by allowing you to import credit card transactions with just a click of a button. Your transaction flows right in as Accounting Seed provides you the opportunity to connect with over 14,500 banks and credit card companies.

You can also customize the purchasing process, associate purchase orders with construction orders, analyze stock levels, purchase inventory, and do a wide range of other transactions without worrying about multiple integration points. With Accounting Seed, you can approve and print checks as well as process ACH payments directly from the internet, and it allows you to create credit entries on the same object. You can also run reports on payable activities you had for each of your vendors and in the same window, view any reversals.

Streamline Your Staffing Firm Tax Planning Strategy

Tax season can be challenging for staffing firm owners like you. Accounting Seed simplifies this process by allowing you to have all of your accounting records organized and stored in one cloud-based platform. Accounting Seed offers several features that can save you time and add functionality to the tax process.

  • Mapping GL Accounts to Tax Lines – This feature allows you to do things like run a profit and expense report and then group all of the necessary accounting data for that tax line.

  • 1099 Export – Businesses that need to report contractor earnings will appreciate how Accounting Seed gives the flexibility of creating and exporting 1099s with a click of the button.

These and other features help you stay current with accounting, so your business is not scrambling last-minute when it comes time to file tax returns.

Here at Fusion CPA, our staffing firm CPAs provide staffing firms with high-level accountability based tax planning strategies that is geared towards minimizing their tax liability. Our staffing firm accountants are trained to help our clients spend less time on their accounting needs and more on their products or services. Through our decades of experience, we have become experts with staffing firm bookkeeping and staffing firm tax planning for any size of business. The staffing firm CFO advisory services we offer have helped many of our clients get a better grip on their finances to expand their business. We look forward to providing our staffing firm financial adviser services to your business. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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