Accounting Seed is an efficient cloud-based software that allows you to streamline your real-estate firm’s accounting tasks so that you can concentrate on your core processes, enabling you to do things that can help grow your real estate firm. Your real estate firm’s bookkeeping may require more of your time as your firm grows. Fortunately, accounting platforms like Accounting Seed can help you significantly reduce your time spent managing your finances.

Streamlining Your Real Estate Tax Planning

Every real estate firm, whether large or small, needs to deal with real estate firm tax planning in one way or another. With Accounting Seeds real estate tax features, you will find managing your receipts, expenses, and taxes a walk in the park. Accounting Seed’s Revenue Management software can integrate with third-party Customer Relationship Management programs to automate the recording of your real estate firm’s revenues. With this function, you are assured that the record saved in the system is an accurate representation of your income for the period.

Accounting Seed also automates the computation of your Sales and Purchases Taxes. By doing so, the system can help make sure that you are paying the correct amount of taxes. This, in turn, can help you avoid any hefty fines and penalties that the IRS imposes on inaccurate tax returns.

Billing, Reports, and Management

Accounting Seed held streamline tasks that can become tedious for real estate firm owners. The platform can help manage expenses and revenues, manage customer lists, and track properties. It also facilitates the quick exchange of data such as floor plans, property descriptions, lease dates, due dates, rent, appraisal values, and all things that deal with maintenance regarding your properties

With Accounting Seed, you can manage the whole customer billing process in a single platform. The program’s Billing Customer Automation allows you to foo subscription billing, invoicing, collections, cash receipts, and deferred revenue. It also integrates with Salesforce to eliminate the need to input customer information more than once.

Impressive Financial Reports

Financial reports are a snapshot of your company’s current financial state and performance. Think of it as a summary of all the financial activities that your real estate firm participated in during a specific period. For this reason, this is one of the most important outputs of accounting for business owners and shareholders. Accounting Seed’s financial reports are tailored to meet the needs of most businesses. However, if you feel like these reports are not giving you the exact information you want, you can easily customize Accounting Seed’s reports as you see fit. The drag-and-drop design of the system allows even non-tech savvy individuals to get the data they need.

Some of the default reports available in the program include Profit and Loss reports, Aging of Receivables, Projected Net Income, and more. The information shown in the reporting dashboard is always updated to make sure that you are making decisions based only on real-time data. Our experienced teams of real estate accountants are trained to interpret accounting reports to formulate great business policies. With Fusion CPA, you can rest assured that our real estate financial advisers will provide you with clear and actionable business policies for the future. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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