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Tommy Forrestal, CPA

Tax & Accounting Manager

  • Years of Industry Experience: 3+
  • School: Kennesaw State University
  • Degree: B.A. in Accounting
  • Industry Specialties: Professional services, Real Estate, Technology, Logistics, Non-Profit, and Manufacturing.
  • Something you do for fun: Traveling, fly fishing, golf, running - being outdoors in general.
  • Why you love being an accountant: It's no secret that tax and accounting are generally overwhelming and sensitive topics. What I love about being an accountant is that I can transform a client's concerns into solution that they can manage and understand but also contributes to their growth as a business person.
  • Hometown: I call Albany, GA home but I spent some time in Danville, PA as well as Clonmel, Ireland as a kid also.
  • Favorite Atlanta sports team: Atlanta Braves
  • Any family or fur babies: I come from a big family - two younger brothers and two older sisters - but no kids or pets yet!