Danielle Palmer- Fusion CPA.jpg

Danielle Palmer, BBM

Executive Assistant

  • School: Georgia State University
  • Degree: BBM in Managerial Science
  • Something you do for fun: Reading, spending time with my family, and immersing myself in all things WWE
  • Why you love being an executive assistant: I love to create and implement efficient processes and procedures for an organization. I also love being the person who everyone goes to and can depend on for assistance.
  • Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
  • Favorite Atlanta sports team: Atlanta Falcons
  • Any family or fur babies: My immediate family consists of my mom, my dad, my little sister, and my boyfriend.

Contact Us

  • (404) 955-7338
  • info@fusiontaxes.com
  • Four Seasons Hotel & Offices
  • 75 14th Street NW, Floor 30

  • Atlanta, GA 30309